Bret Hart, Lance Storm & Trish Stratus Make Animated Appearances Tonight On CTV’s ‘Corner Gas’

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Bret Hart, Lance Storm & Trish Stratus Make Animated Appearances Tonight On CTV’s ‘Corner Gas’

Bret Hart Lance Storm


Ever fathom Bret Hart with an evil mechanic gimmick? Or Lance Storm as a retired wrestler who aspired to grow a gardening podcast from the ground up? If you happen to reside in Canada, you’ll get to see such visions come to fruition on Corner Gas Animated.

The animated series which is based off the original live-action Canadian sitcom Corner Gas starring Brent Butt will be having it’s season three premiere on CTV tonight and it features the top name stars from up north. Details about the episode are below which also features Trish Stratus tonight as a voice for an Alexa-like virtual assistant.

When Brent and Hank spot their favourite wrestler Lance Fury (voiced by Lance Storm) in Dog River, it’s a dream come true! Until they discover Lance has retired and come to town to interview Emma for his gardening podcast. Lance’s interest in Emma makes Oscar jealous who vows to seek revenge. When Fury’s nemesis “The Bad Mechanic” (voiced by Bret Hart) learns he’s in Dog River, he tracks him down for the ultimate showdown. Meanwhile, Lacey is worried her SHAUNA home assistant (voiced by Trish Stratus) is going to spy on her, so she gifts SHAUNA to Wanda. When Wanda bonds with SHAUNA, Lacey gets jealous. Karen and Davis accidentally buy the world’s best personal massage unit with their police budget and try to prove to Fitzy that it’s police equipment.

The CORNER GAS franchise has an illustrious 16-year history. It is one of Canada’s highest-rated comedy brands of all-time. A Canadian cultural phenomenon, the award-winning brand spawned a live-action sitcom (CORNER GAS), a movie (CORNER GAS: THE MOVIE), an animated series (CORNER GAS ANIMATED), two chart-topping books, sold-out comedy tours, a successful line of merchandise, and a top-selling series of DVDs. The franchise airs on Bell Media in Canada, IMDb TV in the U.S. and Amazon Prime outside Canada and outside the U.S.

A U.S. premiere date will occur in the near future, but an official date hasn’t been announced yet. In the meantime, Brent Butt conducted three interviews with Hart, Storm and Stratus which you can all view below. Also below is the trailer for the episode:

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