Eric Bischoff Thinks A Lot Of Baron Corbin & People Who Aren’t Afraid To Garner Heat

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Eric Bischoff Thinks A Lot Of Baron Corbin & People Who Aren’t Afraid To Garner Heat

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Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Eric Bischoff doesn’t believe it behooves wrestling stars to be afraid of the heat boogeyman. As a matter of fact, heat should bring life into anyone willing to embrace it and said as much on a recent episode of 83 Weeks with Conrad Thompson.

Bischoff was recounting his time as Creative Director for SmackDown when the program made its broadcast debut on Fox in October of 2019 and Conrad brought up the segment in which The Rock ran down King Corbin. Conrad mentioned how Eric has previously stated how he thinks a lot of Corbin and his willingness to go full heel.

“Still do,” Eric says. “I get the biggest kick out of the heat [he gets]. I mean he’s not only got heat online, he’s got heat backstage. Fuck. I wish more people did. People are so afraid of heat even people in the heat business are afraid of heat. Heat is life!”

Conrad laughs that Bischoff Tweeted that out, saying it was “the most Bischoff Tweet ever.” The passionate Bischoff makes his case.

“It’s true though! You can’t have a successful wrestling business, entertainment property, drama, action show, even fuckin’ sitcoms have heels and you can’t have a heel without heat! And the minute people go out and get heat, people start getting ‘Uhh, I don’t know. I don’t want to be seen sitting at catering with that person.'”

“Give me a Baron Corbin that lives his heat 24 hours a day, online, at home, on the street, in the ring, backstage, give me that guy instead of ten other guys who are just kind of afraid of heat.” And Bischoff has a particular name for those who can’t put their feet to the flames.

“They’re heat sissies. They’re afraid of heat. Heat is life. Don’t be a heat sissy.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Listen to the full episode of 83 Weeks below:

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