Booker T Stands With Bad Bunny In New Music Video

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Booker T Stands With Bad Bunny In New Music Video

Booker T Bad Bunny Music Video

Photo: Bad Bunny

Booker T will be one of the many WWE Legends returning to the squared circle during Legends Night tonight, but that’s not all the former 5-Time WCW Champion is up to as 2021 begins. Puerto Rican rapper Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, also known by his stage name Bad Bunny, recently released a song entitled Booker T, comparing his success to the wrestling legend. It seems only natural that Booker would join Bunny for the music video, which sees the wrestling legend in GI Bro regalia standing by as Bad Bunny does all the lyrical work. There are also puppets for reasons unknown to this English speaker.

Released on Saturday, the video is still in the top 10 trending videos on YouTube several days after release, accruing over 12 million views in that time.

Booker reacted to the song on his Hall of Fame podcast when it first released, saying that Bad Bunny came to Booker with the song after watching him in the ring for years growing up. He also said that he “always wondered” when someone was going to write a song about him, saying he was too “badass” to go without a musical tribute.

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