Booker T Praises Ilja Dragunov’s Exceptional Skills and Recognizes Trick Williams as a Rising Star

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On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T lavished praise on WWE NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Trick Williams.

Dragunov defeated Williams to retain the NXT Championship at WWE NXT: Vengeance Day 2024.

You can check out the highlights from the podcast below:

On seeing potential in Trick Williams: “I watched Trick Williams at Vengeance Day and I go, ‘Man, this kid’s a star, man.’ He is such a star, going out there and performing at that level only a few matches into the game, you know what I mean? And there are so many stars that are looking to become superstars right now, and we got an opportunity.”

On the Ilja Dragunov vs. Williams match: “Ilja Dragunov can go out there, and he brings the best out of everybody that he he gets in the ring with. I give that kid so much credit as well. He’s truly next-level, he’s a next-level competitor. His wrestling is top-notch, second to none. But then his art, you know, the way he looks at it as an art form as well. From the promo side, just the way he dresses, the way he talks. He gives you the full range of what a showman truly, really is. And then he goes in the ring and backs it up at the highest level.”

“So no man, I loved that match. Trick Williams, he showed me a whole lot, man. And what he showed me more than anything — stuff that I can’t really even talk about on the air. But his timing and his presence, his spacing, aw man. His — the art of doing nothing and making you feel like he was doing a lot. Oh God, he had of that going on Sunday night. So big ups to my man Trick Williams for stepping up and understanding the levels of performance that you have to be able to reach. And I texted him before that match, ‘Go out and perform, just go out and perform at the highest level.’ I ain’t gonna give you all the rest of it. But I definitely was looking forward to seeing that kid go out there and shine. Even in his loss, his stock went way up.”

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has recently praised WWE NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Trick Williams on his “Hall of Fame” podcast. The two wrestlers faced off at WWE NXT: Vengeance Day 2024, where Dragunov successfully defended his NXT Championship title against Williams.

Booker T expressed his admiration for Trick Williams, stating that he saw great potential in him during their match. Despite being relatively new to the wrestling scene, Williams showcased star quality and delivered an impressive performance. Booker T emphasized that there are many aspiring superstars in the industry, and Williams has a genuine opportunity to rise to the top.

Regarding Ilja Dragunov, Booker T commended his ability to bring out the best in his opponents. He described Dragunov as a next-level competitor with exceptional wrestling skills. Additionally, Booker T highlighted Dragunov’s attention to detail in all aspects of his performance, including his promos, appearance, and in-ring abilities. According to Booker T, Dragunov exemplifies what it means to be a showman and consistently delivers at the highest level.

Booker T also praised Trick Williams for his timing, presence, and ability to make the audience feel engaged even when seemingly doing very little. He acknowledged that there were certain aspects of Williams’ performance that he couldn’t discuss on air but expressed his admiration for the wrestler’s understanding of the different levels of performance required in the industry. Despite losing the match against Dragunov, Williams’ stock rose significantly in Booker T’s eyes.

In conclusion, Booker T’s podcast highlighted the impressive performances of Ilja Dragunov and Trick Williams at WWE NXT: Vengeance Day 2024. Both wrestlers received high praise from the WWE Hall of Famer for their skills, potential, and ability to captivate audiences. As they continue their careers in WWE NXT, fans can expect to see more exciting matches and performances from these talented individuals.