Billy Corgan of NWA Emphasizes the Importance of TV Deals with Leading Top 20 Network

Billy Corgan of NWA Emphasizes the Importance of TV Deals with Leading Top 20 Network
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Before the recent announcement of WWE NXT’s move to the CW Network in 2024, there were talks of the NWA brand being picked up by The CW for its Powerrr series and a reality show. However, a controversial skit featuring cocaine with Father James Mitchell may have hindered the NWA’s chances of securing a deal with the network.

Billy Corgan stood firm about their TV deals with a top 20 TV network still in place during a recent interview on 102.5 The Bone’s Drew Garabo Live.


“Yeah, I like to say, first and foremost, we are a television content producer,” Corgan began. That’s really wrestling in the 21st century, television first and everything else second. That’s not to say the second is not important, but if you can’t drive from television down, you’re gonna have a hard time building an audience. Certainly being on national television in any capacity, digital or otherwise, broadcast network, that’s how you reach the most people.

Going into a market like Sarasota as we’ll be on next Saturday after next, having people have a routine way to reach your television product is part of what makes people want to come see the matches. We are free on YouTube, but the way YouTube works and the way people’s schedules are, unless they go looking for stuff, they may not even know you’re there.

So yeah, TV deals are at the core of it and there’s been a ton of speculation lately. I stand by what I said: We have two TV deals with a top 20 network, that’s all I can say for now. There’s lots of speculation that that’s not true but I can stand here and say, hand on heart, that is absolutely true.”

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Billy Corgan, the owner of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), recently spoke about the importance of television deals for wrestling promotions in the 21st century. In a radio interview on 102.5 The Bone’s Drew Garabo Live, Corgan emphasized the significance of television as a means to reach a wide audience and build a fanbase.

Corgan stated that being a television content producer is crucial for wrestling promotions in today’s landscape. He acknowledged that while other aspects of wrestling are important, such as live events and digital platforms, television remains the primary driver of audience engagement. According to Corgan, being on national television, whether through a broadcast network or digital platform, is the most effective way to reach the most people.

The NWA owner also highlighted the importance of having a routine way for fans to access the television product. He used the example of the NWA’s upcoming show in Sarasota, where having a consistent television presence helps attract fans to live events. While the NWA offers free content on YouTube, Corgan noted that relying solely on YouTube may not be sufficient, as viewers may not actively search for wrestling content and may not be aware of the promotion’s presence.

Addressing recent speculation about the NWA’s television deals, Corgan reaffirmed that the promotion has two TV deals with a top 20 network. He stood by his statement and assured fans that the speculation suggesting otherwise is untrue. Corgan emphasized that he can confidently state the truth about the NWA’s TV deals.

Television deals play a vital role in the success and growth of wrestling promotions. They provide exposure to a wider audience and help build a dedicated fanbase. By securing TV deals with reputable networks, promotions like the NWA can ensure their content reaches a larger audience, ultimately leading to increased popularity and success.

In conclusion, Billy Corgan’s recent interview shed light on the significance of television deals for wrestling promotions in the modern era. He emphasized the importance of being a television content producer and highlighted the role of television in reaching a wide audience. Corgan’s statements reaffirmed the NWA’s commitment to its TV deals and debunked any speculation suggesting otherwise. Television deals remain a crucial aspect of the wrestling industry, allowing promotions to expand their reach and attract more fans.