Becky Lynch Discusses Her Connection with Charlotte Flair and Critiques Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface Move

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Becky Lynch will challenge Rhea Ripley for the WWE Women’s World Championship next weekend at WrestleMania 40.

On a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, Lynch reacted to Ripley going viral with a recent clip from a WWE live event where she performed a stinkface on Nia Jax.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Ripley’s viral stinkface spot: “That just sucks that we’re talking about that. You know, like when I think of the amount of women that were at one stage, fighting against that treatment, like, that was what they were forced to do in two-minute matches. Maybe I’m just like stuffy and and jaded because this is the stuff that I had to fight against. Of course, everybody loves it, and it’s cool and it’s edgy. But if I’m a little girl sitting in the crowd, and if I have my daughter, and she’s seeing that and she’s thinking that that’s what she needs to be if she’s a professional wrestler. And that’s the stuff that’s getting a reaction and if I’m a girl who’s grown up and wants to be a professional wrestler, and I see, oh well that’s the stuff that gets a reaction.

“And that’s the stuff that people are talking about. And that’s the stuff that we’re posting on social media, and we continue to and even the company does and pushes that, then that is the stuff that gets over and then I’m not taken seriously for what I do in the ring. And for the person that I am in the mind that I have. No, it’s just about my body. It’s about how it looks. And it’s about fulfilling a bunch of men’s fantasies out there in the crowd, and it becomes not about the art it becomes about that. And I’ve fought so long to change that and so I kind of go when I’m talking about that, and when I’m forced to answer about that, I go that just f**king sucks. That just f**king sucks.”

On what fans can expect from WrestleMania 40: “They’re talking about the biggest show of the year, everybody’s going all out. There’s going to be surprises. Everyone leaves it all in the ring when it comes to WrestleMania. Just the matches are bigger. The surprises are bigger. Anything can happen. When you think something’s gonna go one way, it goes the other. Yeah, if that’s your first introduction to wrestling. Get ready for a ride.”

Becky Lynch also spoke to TMZ Sports about her relationship with Charlotte Flair.

Lynch’s new book, The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl, has several pages dedicated to Flair.

Lynch said, “She’s been a huge part of my journey in every capacity and such an important part, as best friends, as then enemies and a fallout. I talk about that [in my book] from my perspective … but also the undercurrent of all of it is love. It’s always the people that you love the most that maybe hurt you the most, I know I’ve hurt her and it’s been reciprocal. But, when I think you can come back from all of that, that’s the special thing.”

You can view a clip of Becky Lynch’s comments below.

Becky Lynch Reacts to Rhea Ripley’s Viral Stinkface Spot and Discusses WrestleMania 40

Becky Lynch, one of the most prominent figures in women’s professional wrestling, is set to challenge Rhea Ripley for the WWE Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania 40. In a recent episode of “The Ten Count” podcast, Lynch shared her thoughts on Ripley’s viral stinkface spot and discussed what fans can expect from the upcoming event.

The conversation began with Lynch addressing Ripley’s viral moment where she performed a stinkface on Nia Jax during a WWE live event. Lynch expressed her disappointment in the focus on such actions, as it harkened back to a time when women in wrestling were often relegated to two-minute matches and objectified for their bodies.

Lynch voiced her concerns about the impact this kind of content can have on young girls who may aspire to be professional wrestlers. She emphasized that if the focus remains on provocative actions rather than the artistry and skill in the ring, it undermines the progress made in changing the perception of women’s wrestling. Lynch has been a vocal advocate for elevating women’s wrestling to a level where they are taken seriously for their abilities and not just their appearance.

Moving on to WrestleMania 40, Lynch assured fans that they can expect an incredible show with surprises and intense matches. WrestleMania is known as the biggest event in professional wrestling, and Lynch emphasized that everyone involved goes all out to deliver an unforgettable experience. She mentioned that the element of unpredictability is what makes WrestleMania so exciting, as things often take unexpected turns.

In addition to her podcast appearance, Lynch also spoke to TMZ Sports about her relationship with fellow wrestler Charlotte Flair. Lynch’s new book, titled “The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl,” delves into their complex dynamic, from being best friends to becoming rivals and experiencing fallout. Lynch emphasized that despite the ups and downs, love has always been an undercurrent in their relationship. She acknowledged that they have hurt each other but believes that the ability to come back from those challenges is what makes their bond special.

Wrestling fans eagerly anticipate the clash between Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 40. With Lynch’s passion for elevating women’s wrestling and Ripley’s rising star power, this match promises to be a highlight of the event. As the wrestling world gears up for WrestleMania, fans can expect a thrilling and unpredictable show that will leave them on the edge of their seats.