Kenny Omega Offers Insightful Critique on the Excessive Utilization of 5-Star Match Ratings

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During a recent Twitch livestream, former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega expressed his frustration with the 5-star match rating getting thrown around too much as of late.

You can check out some highlights from the livestream below:

On things that bother him about a match that might get rated five stars: “One of the things that irks me is when you see guys that are throwing fluff in between going from point A to point B.”

Kenny Omega on the five-star rating getting thrown around too much this year: “For any of those [fluff-filled] types of matches in 2024 to receive five stars, saying, ‘Hey, this is culturally significant to professional wrestling, this made a movement, started a movement, continued a movement …’ get out of here, go fly a kite, suck on a lemon, there’s no way, and there’s too many of these that have been handed out.”

Omega is currently out of action while dealing with diverticulitis, and is expected to undergo surgery soon.

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega recently expressed his frustration with the overuse of the 5-star match rating in professional wrestling. During a Twitch livestream, Omega shared his thoughts on the matter, highlighting the aspects of matches that bother him and criticizing the abundance of matches receiving this rating.

One of the things that Omega finds bothersome about matches that are given a five-star rating is when wrestlers include unnecessary “fluff” between important moments in the match. He believes that this detracts from the overall quality and significance of the match. Omega’s emphasis on the importance of storytelling and meaningful action in matches reflects his dedication to the art form of professional wrestling.

Omega also expressed his dissatisfaction with the frequency at which matches are being awarded five stars. He believes that this rating should be reserved for matches that have a cultural impact on professional wrestling, that start or continue a movement within the industry. In his opinion, too many matches have been given this prestigious rating without deserving it.

It is worth noting that Kenny Omega is currently sidelined due to diverticulitis and is expected to undergo surgery soon. This health issue has prevented him from competing in the ring, but it has not stopped him from sharing his thoughts on the state of professional wrestling.

The 5-star match rating system was popularized by renowned professional wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer. Meltzer rates matches on a scale of zero to five stars, with five stars being the highest accolade. This rating system has become widely recognized and respected within the wrestling community, with fans and wrestlers alike eagerly awaiting Meltzer’s ratings after major events.

However, Omega’s comments shed light on a growing sentiment within the industry that the 5-star rating has lost some of its significance due to its frequent use. Some argue that it has become a marketing tool rather than a true reflection of match quality. Omega’s frustration with this trend suggests that he values authenticity and meaningful storytelling in professional wrestling.

Omega’s remarks have sparked a discussion among fans and wrestlers about the criteria for awarding a match five stars. While some agree with Omega’s stance, others argue that the rating is subjective and should be left to individual interpretation. This debate highlights the ongoing evolution of professional wrestling and the different perspectives within the community.

As Kenny Omega continues his recovery from diverticulitis, it remains to be seen how his comments will impact the perception and use of the 5-star match rating. Whether his frustration leads to changes in how matches are evaluated or simply sparks further conversation, it is clear that Omega’s passion for the art form of professional wrestling is unwavering.