Baron Corbin Believes It’s ‘Evolve Or Die’ In Wrestling, Calls His Evolution As A Character ‘A Fun Ride’

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Baron Corbin Believes It’s ‘Evolve Or Die’ In Wrestling, Calls His Evolution As A Character ‘A Fun Ride’

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Baron Corbin is enjoying his evolution in WWE.

From “The Constable” to “The King” to his current character as someone who has fallen on hard times, Corbin has played some distinct roles.

During an appearance on 104.5 The Zone, when asked about “The Baron Corbin Experience” as it relates to his WWE career, the former King of the Ring explained how what he’s doing now is different, and it reflects his “evolve or die” mindset as a wrestler. He noted how modern audiences are impatient, so it’s refreshing to see fans being patient with his ongoing storyline.

“Right I’m doing what now is so different than anything I’ve done,” said Corbin. “And I’m a believer that it’s like evolve or die. I don’t want to spend ten years doing the same thing. So a lot of this, when I’m getting to evolve from ‘The Lone Wolf’ to ‘The Constable’ to ‘The King’ to what I’m doing now, to me it’s this really fun evolution, and it’s just a fun ride. Because you see a lot of guys don’t want to change or they want to continue the same thing, and the fans, it’s hard to keep them invested.

“We live in such a fast-paced world now where two weeks is a long time. We used to tell stories over six months or a year, and now the audience can be a little impatient and they wanna get where we’re going quick but I think this story we’re telling right, they’re really enjoying the ride, which is different. Because normally after two or three weeks, they’re like alright, what are we doing? Where are we going? But now they’re going well I can’t wait to see what happens next. I think this is a fun story that people have been invested in.”

Corbin also reflected on how incredible it has been to work with some all-time greats like Kane and The Undertaker. He made it clear that these are unforgettable experiences.

“It’s very surreal sometimes,” said Corbin. “I’ll never ever forget the first time I wrestled Kane, not in a battle royal, but a one-on-one match. And walking out and standing in the ring, and then you see the red lights and the fire and you’re going man, I was a kid and watched this dude, and he scared me as a kid….”

“Those surreal moments, like MSG, I was there, I worked against Undertaker with the Shield guys, and just being on the outside of the ring, watching an Undertaker entrance at MSG, it gives you chills because you grew up with this.”

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