Matt Hardy Is ‘Currently At 7’ Times He’s Had His Nose Broken, Tells Orange Cassidy ‘This Is Personal Now’

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Matt Hardy Is ‘Currently At 7’ Times He’s Had His Nose Broken, Tells Orange Cassidy ‘This Is Personal Now’

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite, Matt Hardy went one-on-one with Orange Cassidy, but Big Money Matt got a lot more than he bargained for as he suffered a broken nose during the matchup.

The injury likely occurred when Orange Cassidy did a crossbody press from the top rope onto Matt Hardy but landed too high connecting with Hardy’s face instead of his chest.

Shortly thereafter, blood covered the bottom half of Hardy’s face for the rest of the matchup that ended with Orange Cassidy picking up the win.

Matt Hardy, not surprisingly, is using the broken nose to his advantage and turning it into a storyline on social media where he has told Orange Cassidy that things are personal now and that Cassidy cannot break what is already broken, possibly teasing the reemergence of the “Broken” Matt Hardy character:

“When you come for the KING, you’d best not miss. Your best shot missed, OC. You didn’t finish me. You couldn’t end me. This is personal now. You can’t BREAK what’s already BROKEN,” Hardy said in a tweet.

In another tweet, Hardy confirmed to a fan that this is the seventh time he’s had his nose broken, which is a crazy statistic to think about.

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At what point in the match on Wednesday did you realize Matt Hardy’s nose was broken? Are you shocked that Hardy’s nose has been broken seven times? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

Big Money Matt WILL. NOT. LIE!!!

Numbers don’t lie. I was the ⭐️ of #AEWDynamite last night.



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