Austin Aries Discusses His Experience of Not Being Able to Portray a Heel Character in WWE

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Austin Aries recently opened up about his time in WWE and the missed opportunity of portraying his heel character in an interview with Developmentally Speaking.

“I never got to be the heel Austin Aries that I think is where I have the most value. I was kind of pigeonholed because Neville was doing such an amazing job in his role that they needed a babyface against him. But I really felt if I had been given an opportunity to be what I had been all those years before I got there that there was a lot more value to be had with me in that.”

Aries then shared his idea for the gimmick.

“Ultimately, it’s always about the good guy persevering in the end, so the more dastardly I can be, the most I can make you believe that I’m a terrible human being, the higher I’m going to be able to take you when I finally get what I deserve.”

In a recent interview with Developmentally Speaking, professional wrestler Austin Aries opened up about his time in WWE and the missed opportunity of portraying his heel character. Aries expressed his belief that he had the most value as a heel and felt pigeonholed in his babyface role due to Neville’s exceptional performance as a heel.

Aries, known for his charisma and in-ring abilities, believed that he could have brought a lot more value to WWE if given the opportunity to portray his heel character. He felt that his years of experience prior to joining WWE had prepared him for this role and that there was untapped potential in him as a villainous character.

The wrestler then shared his idea for the gimmick, emphasizing the importance of the good guy ultimately prevailing in the end. Aries believed that by being more dastardly and convincing the audience that he was a terrible human being, he could elevate the emotional impact when he finally received his comeuppance.

The concept of a heel character in professional wrestling is not new. Throughout the history of the industry, heels have played a crucial role in creating drama and generating fan interest. These characters are often portrayed as arrogant, deceitful, and willing to do anything to win. They serve as the perfect foil for the beloved babyface characters, who represent honor, justice, and the triumph of good over evil.

Aries’ desire to portray a heel character is understandable, as it would have allowed him to tap into his natural charisma and show a different side of his personality. Many wrestlers have successfully transitioned from being fan favorites to despised villains, and vice versa, showcasing their versatility and ability to connect with audiences in different ways.

However, it is important to note that the creative direction of a wrestler’s character is ultimately decided by the promotion they work for. While Aries may have had his own vision for his character, it is ultimately up to WWE to determine how best to utilize their talent roster and create compelling storylines.

Despite the missed opportunity, Aries has continued to make a name for himself in the wrestling industry. He has worked for various promotions around the world, showcasing his skills and entertaining fans with his unique style. Aries’ passion for his craft and desire to push boundaries have earned him a dedicated fan base and respect from his peers.

In conclusion, Austin Aries recently discussed his time in WWE and the missed opportunity of portraying his heel character. While he felt pigeonholed in his babyface role, Aries believed that he had the most value as a heel and shared his idea for the gimmick. Despite not getting the chance to fully explore this character, Aries has continued to thrive in the wrestling industry, proving that his talent and determination are undeniable.