An Analysis of Shane Douglas’ Perspective on Joey Styles’ Professionalism in the Original ECW

An Analysis of Shane Douglas’ Perspective on Joey Styles’ Professionalism in the Original ECW
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Shane Douglas has praised the professionalism of fellow ECW alumni Joey Styles during their tenure in the extreme promotion.

Speaking on his “Franchise University” podcast, Douglas commented on Styles, who often called ECW pay-per-views on his own. He said,


“This, by no means, is to smear or besmirch anybody else in the industry – Jim Ross, Lance Russell, and Gordon Solie were all phenomenal, but watching Joey … how professional he approached this job [even] in the dressing room walking around.

“I remember him talking with Taz about the Kata Ha Jime [Tazmission] and in his commentary on Barely Legal, you’ll hear him just throwing these words that I’d never heard before. He’d done his homework, like a straight-A student in class.

“He brought with him a corporate attitude — he had worked for big companies in New York City. He brought that with him, and Joey’s delivery was so informative, but at the same time, so disarming. It wasn’t like, ‘I’m a bean head who’s gonna hit you in the head with all these big words.’”

Following the demise of ECW, Styles joined WWE in 2005 and would remain in roles on and off-screen until his departure in 2016.

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Shane Douglas Praises Joey Styles’ Professionalism in ECW

Former ECW wrestler Shane Douglas recently spoke highly of his fellow ECW alumni, Joey Styles, praising his professionalism during their time in the extreme promotion. Douglas shared his thoughts on Styles on his podcast, “Franchise University.”

Styles was known for calling ECW pay-per-views on his own, showcasing his talent and knowledge in the wrestling industry. Douglas commended Styles for his approach to the job, both inside and outside the dressing room.

Douglas recalled how Styles would engage in conversations with other wrestlers, such as Taz, discussing moves like the Kata Ha Jime (Tazmission) and incorporating them into his commentary. He was impressed by Styles’ extensive research and preparation, comparing him to a straight-A student in class.

What set Styles apart was his corporate attitude, which he brought from working for big companies in New York City. This mindset influenced his delivery, making it informative yet approachable. Douglas emphasized that Styles didn’t overwhelm viewers with complex jargon but instead presented the information in a disarming manner.

After the downfall of ECW, Styles joined WWE in 2005 and held various roles both on and off-screen until his departure in 2016. His contributions to the wrestling industry were significant, and he left a lasting impact on fans and fellow professionals alike.

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Joey Styles’ professionalism and dedication to his craft made him a respected figure in the wrestling industry. His ability to balance information and entertainment in his commentary set him apart from others. Whether it was calling matches in ECW or later in WWE, Styles left a lasting impression on fans and his peers, solidifying his place as one of the greats in wrestling commentary.