Nick Khan Discusses the Absence of a Successor to John Cena

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Will LA Knight be the next John Cena and follow in the 16-time World Champion’s footsteps? Not exactly according to WWE CEO Nick Khan.

While Knight is immensely popular at this time, Khan doesn’t believe it makes sense for Knight to be ‘the next John Cena’ as he explained on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” He said,


“You get a John Cena, and part of the fun is that we just need to find the next John Cena. There is no next John Cena. The next one never looks like the last one. If you look at UFC, same thing… Sometimes one, or an entity, can become fixated on, ‘Hey, this is our next so and so.’ I’ve never seen it work. LA Knight is the first LA Knight, and that’s part of why we think that he’s resonating.”

Knight has faced comparisons to Cena, Steve Austin, and The Rock, with the popular Superstar proving to be a hit with fans, as shown in merchandise sales.

At WWE Payback 2023, Knight defeated The Miz in a match that saw John Cena as the guest referee.

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In the world of professional wrestling, comparisons between current and past superstars are inevitable. Fans and experts alike often speculate about who will be the next big thing, the next John Cena, or the next iconic figure to dominate the industry. One name that has recently been thrown into this conversation is LA Knight, a rising star in WWE. However, according to WWE CEO Nick Khan, Knight should not be seen as the next John Cena.

During an appearance on “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” Khan expressed his belief that it is unrealistic and counterproductive to try and find a successor to John Cena. He emphasized that each superstar is unique and has their own individual qualities that make them special. Drawing a comparison to the UFC, Khan pointed out that even in mixed martial arts, where fighters are constantly compared to one another, there is no true successor to a particular fighter. Each fighter stands on their own merits and creates their own legacy.

LA Knight, formerly known as Eli Drake, has been gaining popularity among fans with his charismatic personality and impressive in-ring skills. Some have drawn comparisons between Knight and wrestling legends like John Cena, Steve Austin, and The Rock. However, Khan believes that Knight’s success lies in his ability to be his own person and not simply a carbon copy of someone else.

Knight’s popularity has been evident in his merchandise sales and his recent victory over The Miz at WWE Payback 2023. In this match, John Cena even served as the guest referee, further fueling speculation about Knight’s potential as a future superstar.

It is important to note that while comparisons can be flattering, they can also create unnecessary pressure and expectations for a wrestler. By allowing LA Knight to forge his own path and establish his own identity, WWE is giving him the opportunity to shine in his own right.

As fans, it is exciting to witness the rise of new talents like LA Knight. While it is natural to draw comparisons to past legends, it is equally important to appreciate and celebrate the unique qualities that each wrestler brings to the table. LA Knight is the first LA Knight, and that is what makes him special. So, let’s sit back, enjoy his journey, and see where his career takes him.