Alex Hammerstone Wins MLW World Heavyweight Championship At ‘Fightland’

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Alex Hammerstone Wins MLW World Heavyweight Championship At ‘Fightland’

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Photo Credit: MLW

The “title vs. title” match lived up to the hype at MLW Fightland, and Alex Hammerstone is now the reigning MLW World Heavyweight Champion and MLW National Openweight Champion.

Alex Hammerstone won the grueling title bout after hitting Fatu with a powerslam and a fireman’s carry cutter (TKO) for the pinfall win in the main event match of the evening. Jacob Fatu’s impressive MLW World Heavyweight Championship reign ends at 819 days; he first won the title at MLW Kings Of Colosseum on July 6, 2019. With the win, Hammerstone becomes the ninth MLW World Heavyweight Champion and his MLW National Openweight Championship sits at 859 days and counting.

Prior to the match at MLW Fightland, Hammerstone took part in a pre-show media scrum and told WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo why it was good to have nerves heading into the match.

“I debuted with MLW in Philly so it’s a special venue and then you start stacking on the fact that it’s Fatu, the fact that it’s finally the ‘Title vs. Title’ fight,” Hammer explained, “I’m not going to lie, your boy Hammer’s feeling a little bit of nerves for the first time in a very long time. But that’s a good thing because when I feel nerves, it makes you push that much harder and someone like Fatu, I think he’s taking this match for granted. I think he’s taking me for granted, I think he’s taking that title for granted and I think my hard work is going to shine through tonight.”

Alex Hammerstone also talked about his plans for the World Heavyweight Championship and how he wants to face everyone and truly make it a “world” title when he wins it; read his full remarks from the press event at this link.

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