Aleister Black Feels RAW Run Established Him, Asks Fans To Look At His Body Of Work

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Aleister Black Feels RAW Run Established Him, Asks Fans To Look At His Body Of Work

aleister black

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Aleister Black

Aleister Black recently took part in an interview with Sports Illustrated. The new addition to SmackDown spoke about how audiences take in his character, and his run on RAW.

You can check out some of the highlights below:

On how his character is seen by audiences:

I think the reason for that is we moved so far away from what Aleister Black was in NXT that people started getting confused about what exactly Aleister Black was supposed to be. After a few conversations, I said, ‘I need a different direction.’ That led to the creation of this new Aleister Black, where he is a little more human and people can latch on to him quicker. Being human doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be a good guy. It also can mean that it is a villain, and you can better understand the motives of where the character comes from. You don’t have to agree with the motives to understand them, but the motive had got lost for Aleister Black on the main roster.

On highlights of his recent run on RAW:

Although for a lot of people it seemed like Aleister Black never really got his shot or his chance, Aleister Black was injected into so many different storylines with so many different high-level people that it’s been a highly successful period. I’ve been entangled with some of the biggest names in this industry. I had a short-lived program with AJ Styles that involved The Undertaker. I was involved with Rey Mysterio, and that also involved Seth Rollins. Before that, myself and Buddy Murphy had a chance to prove to the world that there is a new way of doing things, a style that showed there is an evolution to the business that still upholds old-school fundamentals and pacing. Some fans may feel like I haven’t gotten my due, but please look at the body of work I’ve laid down. I still did a lot of things and made myself a valuable asset, and I’ve proven over the past two years that Aleister Black can be thrown in with anyone and be successful.

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