Britt Baker: Recent Injuries Have Allowed Me To Grow As A Character & Learn Who I Am

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Britt Baker: Recent Injuries Have Allowed Me To Grow As A Character & Learn Who I Am

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling superstar Britt Baker recently sat down with Uproxx to discuss a handful of things, including her career path, becoming a champion, and much more. You can check out some of the highlights below:

On her career path:

I get asked that all the time, and they very much came at the same time. I guess the wheels were moving to be a dentist first, but when I moved to Pittsburgh for dental school is the exact same time I started training to be a professional wrestler. So I started wrestling school and dental school at the exact same time.

On if she’s impatient about her lack of a championship:

No! Well… yes and no. Everybody wants to be a champion! Everybody wants to be the best, and that belt is a physical display that you are the best of the best. I feel that I was very fortunate, especially through my injury in the last four or five months, that I’ve still been featured in a way that highlights my character and makes me somebody that the audience can learn to know, or even to hate, maybe? I think this has been a good period of growth for me as a wrestler, especially as a character and learning who I am. And I think you have to be patient and all good things come in time.

On getting into a dumpster against Big Swole:

That trash bin was horrible! It was an actual, disgusting dumpster filled with trash. It smelled so bad I had to burn my sneakers from that night because they smelled terrible and were covered in trash. And getting trash dumped on me a week or two afterward was equally horrible! I was trapped in my Rolls Royce, encased in bulletproof glass, trying to be totally safe, and just swimming in trash! One of the worst things that’s ever happened to me.

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