AJ Styles Says WWE Encourages Streaming, Clarifies Positive COVID-19 Result

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AJ Styles Says WWE Encourages Streaming, Clarifies Positive COVID-19 Result

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Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

During a recent Twitch stream, WWE superstar AJ Styles spoke about the recent restrictions that WWE has outlined regarding various third party outlets. Luckily for Styles, he says the company is fine with superstars streaming games.

“Let’s talk about the stream. Is it going to continue? And from the contacts that I’ve had, the information I got is WWE does want us to interact with our fans, and that means streaming,” Styles said (transcription via Post Wrestling’s John Pollock). “They want this to happen, they want you to have a YouTube channel, there are things they want you to do and be able to do and what we knew was a little vague at first.”

Styles went on to say that while other aspects of social media may be up for debate, it seems as if streaming is all good in WWE’s eyes. “We did different things and it was borderline whether we knew we could do it or not and so, those will be answered but streaming I don’t think will be one of those that are taken away, um, YouTube is not one of those that will be taken away. There will be changes in other areas I’m sure of it and I don’t know exactly where that is. But let me say this again, they, the WWE want us to be able to stream and interact with our fans and that’s exactly what we’re doing, that’s exactly what I’m doing. From Adam Cole to Breeze and Xavier Woods, Baron Corbin it’s what we do, it’s fun.”

Styles also briefly touched on last week’s reports that he had previously had COVID-19, confirming that he did while clarifying his state of quarantine. “Another thing I need to clarify is with the COVID. I had that like a month-and-a-half ago, whenever it was to the point where the CDC says you have to be quarantined for ten days,” he said. “I got tested, I went home for ten days, stayed in the basement, was able to go to work because of the scheduling when they had it (TV tapings) next, it was ten days I was able to go back to work. The reason I let you guys know is that I wanted to let you guys know that for some of us it’s not that bad, for some of them it is. I just wanted you guys to know that I had it and that I’m okay – and had I not been tested I never would have never known I had it and I could have spread it, I guess. So, that’s good on WWE’s part for testing everyone, that’s a good thing.”

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