AJ Francis Discusses Shifting from TNA Champion to WWE NXT Competitor

AJ Francis Discusses Shifting from TNA Champion to WWE NXT Competitor
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On the recent episode of the “Brass Ring Media” podcast, incumbent TNA Digital Media Champion, AJ Francis, opens up about his diverse experiences in TNA Wrestling and WWE.

During the discussion, Francis expresses, “Absolutely. Everybody is eagerly waiting for their chance to collaborate with NXT or individuals from NXT in TNA. I have my sights set on NXT too. It would be incredibly amusing for me to stride into NXT as a person who, during his WWE stint, never truly received the opportunities he merited. Returning back in the limelight as a champion and demonstrating, ‘Hey, observe the outcome when you actually let me be myself.’ Apart from this, on a personal note, I’d regularly engage in PC training, so there’s a multitude of individuals from Kelani [Jordan] to Lola [Vice] to Oba Femi, athletes that I’ve mentored and helped in self-discovery. Now they’re the new faces of NXT. We’ve already built a good rapport in the ring, performed plenty of impressive tactics together, it’d be exciting to replicate this on a larger platform. Lola Vice was used to giving me a hard time. At times, I’d speculate that she believed she was perpetuating MMA. I’d be like, ‘Oh!’ I had to be like, ‘Hey, take it easy,’ and toss you in the corner [laughs]. She would constantly kick and punch me. That backhand fist, she’s renowned for knocking people out. It’s genuine. She manages to hit people extremely hard.”

Better known by his alias Top Dolla in the past, Francis had been part of WWE twice as a component of the Hit Row group. His affiliation with the WWE ended in September 2023 when his contract was discontinued.

The podcast where Francis expresses his views on WWE and TNA is embedded below. [embedded content].