AEW All Out Results: Miro vs. Eddie Kingston

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AEW All Out Results: Miro vs. Eddie Kingston

Miro Kingston AEW

Image Credit: AEW

Miro, who calls himself “God’s Favorite Champion,” had to sin to beat Eddie Kingston at AEW All Out.

Ironically, the blame can’t fully be placed on Miro’s shoulders, as the referee somewhat cost Kinsgton the match. The official was slow to the count when Kingston hit his signature DDT, due to the fact that he was trying to deal with the exposed turnbuckle. That same turnbuckle made all the difference; in the end, the referee phsyically stopped Kingston from using it against Miro, and “The Redeemer” capitalized with two nasty kicks to the hesd to win the bout.

Here’s how the match ended, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

“The Redeemer” mockingly plays to the ground and splashes Kingston in the corner. Kingston blasts him with some chops and nails the champion with a kick to the head. A suplex drops Miro right on his head and gives Kingston some breathing room. The two fighters trade clubbing blows, and Kingston suplexes Miro two more times. Kingston takes Miro down with a dive to the outside and wisely drills the champion in the neck on the way down. “The Mad King” gets a two count with a fisherman suplex.

.@ToBeMiro breaking hearts all over the world, but nevertheless… all hail the Redeemer. #AEWAllOut


— TDE Wrestling (@tde_gif) September 6, 2021

Miro hits Kingston with a series of strikes to the back and suplexes him. “The Redeemer” blasts Kingston with a kick to the head and locks in the Game Over, but Kingston reaches the ropes. “The Mad King” catches Miro with the backfist and the DDT for a near fall. The referee stops Kingston from slamming Miro into an exposed turnbuckle, and the champion capitalizes with a sneaky low blow. Two thunderous kicks to the face earn Miro the three count.

#AndStill@ToBeMiro retains the TNT Championship!

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— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) September 6, 2021

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