Advice for Logan Paul: Avoid Overextending Yourself, According to Kurt Angle

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WWE United States Champion Logan Paul should be careful not to spread himself too thin with his many endeavors, Kurt Angle has warned.

In addition to being a WWE Superstar, Paul continues to be a YouTuber and is the co-owner of PRIME Energy with fellow YouTuber KSI.


During the “True Geordie” podcast, Kurt gave a piece of advice to the Maverick. He said,

“Try not to spread yourself too thin. I know he’s got a bunch of s**t going on, you know, his Prime drink and wrestling. I don’t know if he’s still fighting or not. He got the YouTube thing; I don’t know if he’s still doing that, but he seems to be all over the place. And that’s really good, as long as he has a great management team.

“But just, you know, try to focus on one or two things and do the best you can at those one or two things. I think that’s one thing I would say to Logan: ‘If you love wrestling, focus on it. Make it your first love, and make it your first priority, and do what you got to do to become world champion.’”

Paul, who is in his first reign as U.S. Champion, recently said that he believes he is retired from boxing as he wants to focus more on his WWE career.

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WWE United States Champion Logan Paul has been warned by Kurt Angle to be cautious about spreading himself too thin with his various endeavors. While Paul is known for his wrestling career, he is also a popular YouTuber and co-owns PRIME Energy with fellow YouTuber KSI.

During an episode of the “True Geordie” podcast, Kurt Angle offered some advice to Paul. He emphasized the importance of not overextending oneself and recommended focusing on one or two things to excel at them. Angle acknowledged that Paul has multiple projects going on, including his Prime drink, wrestling, and YouTube, but stressed the need for a strong management team to handle these commitments effectively.

Angle further advised Paul to prioritize wrestling if it is his true passion and to make it his main focus. He encouraged him to strive for the ultimate goal of becoming a world champion in the WWE.

Paul, who is currently holding the U.S. Championship title, recently expressed his intention to retire from boxing and dedicate more time to his WWE career.

It is important for individuals like Paul, who have multiple professional pursuits, to strike a balance and allocate their time and energy wisely. While it can be tempting to take on numerous projects, it is crucial to prioritize and excel in a few key areas rather than spreading oneself too thin.

By heeding Angle’s advice, Paul can ensure that he gives his best to his wrestling career and maximizes his potential as a WWE Superstar. As he continues to navigate his various endeavors, having a strong management team and a clear focus will be essential for his long-term success.

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In conclusion, Logan Paul should heed Kurt Angle’s advice and avoid spreading himself too thin with his multiple endeavors. By focusing on wrestling as his primary passion and prioritizing it, he can work towards achieving his goal of becoming a world champion in the WWE.