The Undertaker Reflects on His Regret of Not Wrestling Andre The Giant

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The Undertaker has expressed his desire to have a match with Andre The Giant in the past.

During a recent conversation with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda, Undertaker mentioned this again and shared that Andre The Giant had an idea for a storyline involving the two of them.


“The match that I’d wish I had that I never got the opportunity to is with Andre [The Giant]. That was always a dream of mine. Andre’s health was really — when I got here, his health was already in decline with his back and his knees and everything. It was crazy, Tim White and I discussed it many times — It’s funny. Andre told me early on, ‘Kid, one day, me and you.’ He had an idea, he had an angle that he wanted to do with me. Andre didn’t like big guys, but he loved me for the little amount of time we got to spend together and he wanted to do business with me. His health was just at a point where we couldn’t do it.”

The Undertaker, one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling history, recently expressed his desire to have a match with the legendary Andre The Giant. This revelation came during a conversation with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda, where Undertaker shared that Andre had even come up with an idea for a storyline involving the two of them.

For many wrestling fans, a match between The Undertaker and Andre The Giant would have been a dream come true. Both men are considered legends in the industry, with their larger-than-life personas and incredible in-ring abilities. However, as Undertaker explained, the opportunity never arose due to Andre’s declining health.

When Undertaker joined the wrestling scene, Andre’s health was already deteriorating, particularly his back and knees. Despite this, Andre saw something special in The Undertaker and expressed his desire to work with him. Undertaker fondly recalled how Andre told him, “Kid, one day, me and you.” The Giant had an angle in mind that he wanted to pursue with The Undertaker.

It is worth noting that Andre The Giant was not particularly fond of working with big guys in the ring. However, he made an exception for The Undertaker due to the connection they had formed during their limited time together. Unfortunately, due to Andre’s health issues, the match never materialized.

The idea of The Undertaker facing off against Andre The Giant is intriguing for several reasons. Both men possessed incredible strength and presence, and their clash would have been a battle of titans. Additionally, the contrast in styles between the agile and athletic Undertaker and the immovable force that was Andre would have made for an exciting matchup.

While fans may never get to witness this dream match, it is a testament to the impact and legacy of both The Undertaker and Andre The Giant that their potential encounter continues to captivate imaginations. Their contributions to professional wrestling are undeniable, and their names will forever be etched in the annals of the sport.

In conclusion, The Undertaker’s desire to have a match with Andre The Giant sheds light on the mutual respect and admiration between two wrestling legends. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that prevented this dream match from happening, their connection and the potential storyline they had in mind remain a fascinating part of wrestling history. The Undertaker and Andre The Giant will forever be remembered as icons who left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.