Adam Cole Says NXT Will Be Most Exciting Show On Television

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Adam Cole Says NXT Will Be Most Exciting Show On TelevisionAdam Cole

WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Cole discussed NXT moving to the USA Network, feeding off the energy of shows like this, and leading The Undisputed Era.

Here are the highlights:

NXT moving to the USA Network:

NXT is going to be the most exciting show on television. We have a chance to put so many more eyes on us, and we already have a chip on our shoulder because we know how good we are. Now we want the entire world to recognize that.

Feeding off the energy of shows like this:

This is the exact moment I’ve dreamed of. I perform best in high-pressure situations. I want TakeOvers, live television, and that feeling of adrenaline and energy inside my stomach—I feed off that. I’ve worked in a television environment before, but obviously live on the USA Network for two hours is a different animal. Of course there is pressure, but I’m really excited to get started on the work.

Leading The Undisputed Era:

The most important part that has led to success is our unity. We are a very real group. We’ve known each other for over a decade. The four of us talk every single day. We travel to every show together. The friendship and camaraderie isn’t for TV, it’s for real, and we accentuate each other when we’re together. We’re all so different but each is extremely talented.

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