Zicky Dice Speaks Out On Recent Reports On His Status, Says He’s Still NWA World Television Champion

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Zicky Dice Speaks Out On Recent Reports On His Status, Says He’s Still NWA World Television Champion

Zicky Dice says he’s still your NWA World’s Television Champion and he’s not sure where the rumors about his status started.

Zicky posted the following on Twitter in an apparent response to recent reports that he’s burning bridges on his way out of the NWA.

Waiting for the dirty sheets to tell me where I work today.

I wonder what’s causin’ all this??

Day 123 as your @NWA World’s Television Champion.


This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter had the following posted about leaving NWA, claiming that he had “considerable” heat in the locker room.

“The NWA has released Zicky Dice. Dice had considerable locker room heat for not selling for people and when he was told he needed to improve his work and his attitude he asked for his release. William Corgan granted him that because the idea is they only want team players. The NWA, with David Lagana gone, is restructuring the company on both the business and wrestling sides, with veteran wrestlers taking on advisory positions and more collaboration between the office the wrestlers.”

WrestleZone spoke with a source from the company and they called the accusations published in the Observer both untrue and laughable. In addition, we were also able to confirm that Zicky has not been released from his contract.

Fightful initially reported on June 25 that Zicky had requested his release after NWA had sent an email to talent stating they didn’t want any talent that didn’t believe in the promotion’s vision moving forward. It was said that his request was granted, but nothing has been made official at this time. When asked for comment on that report, Dice told Fightful that the claims were “outlandish.”

Dice’s original contract with NWA ran through the end of 2020; the NWA has not publicly commented on the report.

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