Zelina Vega Wants To See Melina Return To WWE

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Zelina Vega wants to see Melina return to WWE.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Ring The Belle” podcast, the LWO member expressed her desire to see the WWE legend make a return to the company. She said,


“Melina, I love you. It was her birthday. We went to Hawaii. I guess there was that trip. But then we’ve had so many — we also did like a cross-country trip to California to Florida. My God, it was like, we brought our dogs with us. We just went everywhere. I think the biggest thing for her and I was just not tying ourselves down to anything specific. It was just like, ‘We’ll see where the wind takes us, and that’s where we’re gonna go.’ I feel like if her and I got to do it again, I would say we’d have to go to like Japan or something. I would love to have her back. I’d want her here like tomorrow. I love that.”

Melina made an appearance in the 2022 Women’s WWE Royal Rumble match.

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