Zelina Vega States She Needed To Describe What Naruto Was To Vince McMahon

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It’s popular that WWE Superstar Zelina Vega is a big fan of Anime.

Speaking on the “I Hear Voices” podcast with voice stars Will Friedle (Batman Beyond) and Christy Clark Romano (Kim Possible), the WWE Superstar resolved her love for anime, being gotten in touch with to provide at the current Crunchyroll anime awards in Japan, and Vince McMahon listening to her concepts.

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On being gotten in touch with to provide at the current Crunchyroll anime awards in Japan: “I’m so fired up about that. I keep in mind when I got the call about it, I resembled, do not have fun with me! Trigger if this does not wind up taking place, I’m never ever talking to you men once again. They’re like ‘yeah, so you ‘d be pertaining to Japan for like 5 days, do this with Crunchyroll and the anime awards.’ Certainly, the response is yes. Do I miss out on television? Undoubtedly, we do television every friday. ‘Yeah, they enabled you to miss out on a TELEVISION.’ They permitted me to miss out on a television for this, what ?? It’s so big!”

On how responsive Vince McMahon was to her concepts: “It depends upon what it is. If he does not hear why it makes sense for the character, particularly. He goes, all right. Is this a Thea thing, or is this a Zelina thing? Which one are we doing here?”

On describing Naruto to Vince: “The method I needed to describe Madara [from the anime Naruto] to Vince was my preferred thing on the planet. I informed him, well, I desire Neil Kaplan [English voice of Madara] to do my entryway for the Royal Rumble. Vince resembled, why? Well, he is the voice of Madara Uchiha. ‘Who’s that?’ I resembled, OK. Do you understand what Crunchyroll is? He’s like ‘a sushi, yes.’ … Roll back. Crunchyroll is like the Netflix of anime. He’s like ‘fine, I get that.’ Naruto is like the WWE of anime. He’s like ‘all right, I like Naruto. This is excellent.’ Madara is sort of like what Paul Heyman is to Roman! He resembled ‘all right, we require it.’ Speaking his language, you understand.”

On how cool the Rumble 22 entryway was for her: “To have Neil Kaplan as Madara revealing ‘All hail the queen, Queen Zelina’ and cosplaying at the very same time at the Royal Rumble was simply the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever experienced.”

On the Street Fighter motivation for her ring name: “Vega is where I got my surname from. For Zelina Vega, I selected him particularly. I do not care if it’s Vega, or Zelina Vega, simply make certain Vega’s therein. I would like it if I might be in an Elimination Chamber match and utilize eviction, sort of like climb the fence like he would. Oh my god, they have no concept what they would remain in for in a match like that.”

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