Zelina Vega Says She Wasted Time On Angel Garza & Andrade

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Zelina Vega Says She Wasted Time On Angel Garza & Andrade

Andrade Zelina Vega

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Zelina Vega has seen her star rise exponentially in WWE despite everyone dealing with a global pandemic, and does question what would have become of her if quarantine life didn’t come into play.

Before she takes the main stage at Clash of Champions this Sunday, Vega spoke with D-Von Dudley on his Table Talk podcast and talked about the pretty successful trajectory her career has took so far as she and everyone else had to come to terms with a “new normal.”

“It’s weird because I say that too, I’m like you know what? If quarantine didn’t happen, not saying that I wouldn’t have had these opportunities, but maybe it would have taken a little bit longer. And also, Becky’s having a baby, you know, there’s people that are not here, so that just leaves spots to fill and for me, I’m always like, you know what, give me the ball and if I drop it, screw me. But you lose nothing. And I was always ready for that.”

Zelina also was ready for a new transition from a managing to singles stardom as she ended up cutting ties with both Andrade and Hector Garza and now finds herself in a RAW Women’s Title bout with Asuka.

“I was not joking,” she said. “I said I am sick and tired of raising other people’s thoughts but mine. I’m sick of it. I’ve wasted some of the best years of my career by managing those two selfish little ingrates, why? Why, if they don’t even take me seriously, why? I don’t know if you saw Twitter but Angel is over here tweeting, ‘Oh, go Asuka, go Asuka.’ And I’m like, well cheering for you never worked, so yeah, cheer for Asuka.”

Singles competition is calling her name, but who would she pick if she did form up a tag team?

“Without hesitation, Nia Jax. Nia Jax. So yes I would [chase the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship]ag titles], I would absolutely and I would want someone of her caliber on my side. I look at her as someone that’s dominant and someone who’s so good at her craft that we can really just bring the best out of each other.”

You can listen to the entire episode of Table Talk below:

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