Zack Ryder Teases New Rendition Of His Internet Championship

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Zack Ryder Teases New Rendition Of His Internet Championship

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Matt Cardona, the man formally known as Zack Ryder, was one of the original pioneers when it came to “getting over” on the Internet. His Z! True Long Island Story was far ahead of its time, and he eventually took advantage of that position by declaring himself Internet Champion. That belt became so popular amongst the fanbase that it wormed its way into WWE video games. Ryder even defended it as an official belt on WWE house shows on several occasions.

Even if it never appeared on TV, the belt was a big part of Zack’s online persona, and Matt is hoping to bring it forward with him into his post-WWE career. On social media today, the former Long Island Iced Z teased that a new, more official belt was already in the works.

The reigning…defending……#AlwayzReady #NotThere @wildcatbelts

— Matt Cardona (@TheMattCardona) April 29, 2020

Ryder has already filed to trademark the term “Internet Champion”, using the services of the same trademark lawyer famously involved with several AEW stars and their post-WWE IP grabs. Could we see All Elite Wrestling gain a new secondary champion? Will the famous YouTube belt travel to Being The Elite? Only time will tell.

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