Young Bucks Discuss Jay Briscoe’s Passing On Being The Elite

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The newest episode of Being The Elite is now online. The episode, entitled “For Jay,” includes a scene where the Young Bucks go over Jay Briscoe’s death. Briscoe died recently at the age of 38.

The Bucks’ exchange from the episode (and the episode itself) can be seen listed below:

Matt:“What a rough 24 hours it has actually been. I do not even understand how I’m gon na battle tonight.”

Nick:“I feel the very same precise method. We lost an excellent buddy, a bro, somebody who we enjoyed very much, and we shared the ring with many times.”

Matt:“I do not believe we’ve battled any other tag group more than we’ve battled the Briscoe Brothers.”

Nick:“We like Jay. Our hearts are simply broken today. I’m still in shock. We’ve been discussing him the whole drive up until now. Today’s gon na be difficult wrestling on television.”

Matt:“I do not understand how we’re gon na do it. I was informing Dana, I stated, ‘I do not understand how I’m gon na do this.’ She simply stated, ‘When something like this takes place, perhaps it’s excellent to be around individuals who understood him so you can discuss him.”

Nick:“Today, it’s totally voluntary for the wrestlers to come to the program since a great deal of us, we turned up in business with him, a great deal of the existing AEW lineup. Undoubtedly we own ROH too, so a great deal of his bros operate in our locker space. It will be excellent to see all the close wrestlers that were pals with him. It’s a hard day. It’s strange, I was informing Matt [that] this injures more than my own household passing away, and I’ve had, in the last 2 years, many relative, grandparents, uncles …”

Matt:“You go through this bond where you battle somebody, it’s such an intimate experience. You go through, and there’s a lot pressure, and you’re holding their life in your hand. When you survive that, it’s something no one else comprehends unless you are a wrestler, and he was among the great ones.”

Nick:“He wasn’t simply a terrific wrestler. He was a fantastic human.”

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