Xia Li Makes a Comeback, Bron Breakker Triumphs Over Von Wagner, and Big E Shares Insights on Bridges Film in WWE NXT

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Xia Li made her long-awaited return on Tuesday’s episode of WWE NXT to confront reigning NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria.

Valkyria cut a promo on this week’s show talking about her victory over Becky Lynch at NXT Halloween Havoc (Night One) and putting over the former champion as an opponent.


Li came in through the crowd during the promo and confronted Valkyria. Li spoke about taking out Lynch on Monday Night RAW and declared that she wanted the NXT Women’s Title before roundhousing a security guard who tried to keep both women away.

You can check out some highlights from the segment below:

Von Wagner lost to Bron Breakker on Tuesday’s episode of WWE NXT, but he still got the moral victory.

Breakker defeated Wagner in the ring, but Robert Stone nailed the former NXT Champion with a chair soon after the final bell.

Breakker manhandled Stone on the outside against the announcer’s booth, but Wagner grappled Breaker and drove him through the table.

You can check out some highlights from the match below:

On a recent edition of the “UnDrafted AllStarz Podcast,” WWE Superstar Big E discussed working on the new animated short film ‘Bridges‘ and how the project came about.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how the project came about: “To give you the backstory — so George Floyd happens, and a lot of us are sitting with these emotions. I had so many of my friends I was reaching out to, and we would talk about run-ins with the police. We would talk about all the things we dealt with… I thought, ‘Let me use this opportunity to tell this story.’ Eventually I sat down with Johnny Davenport, who wrote and directed our short film, and with Andreas Hale, and we made this — to me — a short film that I just really love.”

On his goal with the story: “I think, for a lot of people, education — especially Black history — can be filled with pain and trauma. So we wanted to make it fun and engaging and give you an entertaining story. We have this nine-foot robot and futuristic museum, but we want to tell this story of Ruby Bridges using hip-hop, using sci-fi, using animation… That’s the goal, is to teach our kids these stories, because they need to know about the Ruby Bridges of the world. They need to know about the James Baldwins of the world. Especially in Florida, you have too many people who are trying to erase our history. They’re trying to pretend like it never happened, and we want to make sure these stories are never forgotten.”

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Xia Li Returns to WWE NXT to Challenge Lyra Valkyria for the Women’s Title

In a surprising turn of events, Xia Li made her long-awaited return to WWE NXT on Tuesday’s episode. The Chinese superstar confronted reigning NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria, making her intentions clear – she wants a shot at the Women’s Title.

Valkyria had just cut a promo on the show, talking about her recent victory over Becky Lynch at NXT Halloween Havoc (Night One). She praised Lynch as a formidable opponent and asserted her dominance as the champion. Little did she know that Li was about to make her presence felt.

Li entered the arena through the crowd during Valkyria’s promo and immediately confronted the champion. She wasted no time in reminding everyone of her recent triumph over Lynch on Monday Night RAW. Li declared that she wanted a shot at the NXT Women’s Title and was willing to take out anyone who stood in her way.

To prove her point, Li roundhoused a security guard who attempted to keep both women apart. The confrontation between Li and Valkyria sets the stage for an intense rivalry and a potential championship match in the near future.

The WWE shared highlights of the segment on Twitter, showcasing Li’s return and her fiery confrontation with Valkyria. Fans were thrilled to see Li back in action and eagerly await her upcoming matches in NXT.

In another notable development on the same episode of WWE NXT, Von Wagner faced off against Bron Breakker. While Wagner ultimately lost the match, he managed to get a moral victory by taking down Breakker after the bell.

After defeating Wagner in the ring, Breakker was attacked by Robert Stone, who nailed him with a chair. However, Wagner quickly retaliated by grappling Breakker and driving him through a table. The intense encounter between these two competitors left fans buzzing and sets the stage for a potential rematch in the future.

The WWE also shared highlights of this match on Twitter, showcasing the dramatic moments and the physicality displayed by both Wagner and Breakker. The rivalry between these two promising talents is far from over, and fans can expect more thrilling encounters between them.

In addition to the in-ring action, WWE Superstar Big E recently appeared on the “UnDrafted AllStarz Podcast” to discuss his involvement in the new animated short film called “Bridges.” Big E shared how the project came about and his goal with the story.

The film aims to educate viewers, especially children, about important figures in Black history while making it fun and engaging. Big E emphasized the importance of preserving these stories and ensuring they are never forgotten, particularly in the face of attempts to erase or downplay Black history.

Fans can listen to highlights from Big E’s podcast appearance on YouTube, where he delves deeper into the project and his personal connection to it. The WWE Superstar’s involvement in such meaningful endeavors highlights the diverse talents and interests of WWE performers beyond the wrestling ring.

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