Xavier Woods: ‘To Cement My Legacy, I Must Secure the WWE Speed Championship’

Xavier Woods: ‘To Cement My Legacy, I Must Secure the WWE Speed Championship’
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In the most recent episode of WWE Speed, Xavier Woods walked away victorious against Nathan Frazier. His victory sets the stage for an upcoming clash with Andrade in pursuit of a title shot.

After the exhilarating show, Woods divulged details in a promotional interview about his intent to clinch the WWE Speed Championship in order to establish an unshakeable WWE legacy.

Highlights from the animated interview include:

His thoughts on earning a title shot: “If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that yours truly doesn’t back down in tournaments. The fact that I’ve now claimed the status of the number one contender for the Speed Championship might be baffling to some. But let me tell you, the Speed Championship is one more title that WWE proudly presents. Being a champion means more recognition, more earnings, and it’s the pathway to creating one’s legacy. Yes, I’m known for my prowess in tag team matches and indeed, I’m part of the finest tag team this industry has ever seen.”

His motivation to become the WWE Speed Champion: “The truth is, despite being in the main roster for 11 years, a singles championship has eluded me. This is more than a title to simply flaunt on social platforms or backstage. This championship signifies the start of carving my imprint, my legacy. The era of Xavier Woods is on the horizon.”

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