Xavier Woods Talks How Gaming Has Changed, The Importance Of Representation

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Xavier Woods Talks How Gaming Has Changed, The Importance Of Representation

xavier woods

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Xavier Woods has established himself as a nerd throughout most of his career. After taking on a new role as an on-air talent for G4’s upcoming reboot, Woods spoke to IGN about the announcement, and also spoke about how the world of gaming has changed and how important representation is.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On how the world of gaming has changed:

I feel like the thing that I’ve done and continue to bring constantly to the table since I’ve been in the gaming space is trying to show people that we’re all the same kind of nerd. So, I love wrestling back in the day — I still love wrestling now, obviously — but back in the day, at some point wrestling, like, wasn’t cool and you get made fun of for liking wrestling. The same thing happened with video games.

On representation being so important:

With me being the first host I automatically look different than everybody else that [appeared at the reunion special] and so I think that in all the talks that I’ve had with [G4] they very much understand that representation is important. They understand that in the past 15, 10 years… the makeup of who is in the gaming space has been changing.

On his new role with G4:

I was losing my mind… It was incredible, I’m just a random dude from Georgia who loves video games and loves wrestling. So getting my WWE contract while sitting in the middle of a Walgreens in Orlando, Florida at the time doing like backflips, calling my parents… I had the exact same reaction when I found out I was going to be a host on G4.

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