Xavier Woods On G4 Campaign: ‘I Just Want People To Know Video Games Are Fun’

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Xavier Woods On G4 Campaign: ‘I Just Want People To Know Video Games Are Fun’

Xavier Woods

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The powers that be at Comcast have teased the return of 2000s TV fixture G4, a network dedicated to video games, reruns of Cops, and preserving the living memory of FOX show Fastlane. Xavier Woods of The New Day is psyched about the revival, and he’s started a social media campaign (#Creed4G4) to try to become one of the network’s hosts when it does return. In a recent talk with ComicBook.com, Xavier talks about his goals for the venture and how it would affect his current gaming side gig, UpUpDownDown.

Because he’s a WWE superstar first and foremost, Xavier has said that he wants to use his familiar face to try to expand the medium to those who aren’t familiar with it as of yet.

…Mainly, I just want people to know video games are fun. Obviously people who play video games already understand that, but I feel like even though with the past what, 10 to 15 years of this rise in people accepting video games into pop culture as this juggernaut that everyone across the world enjoys, regardless of what language you speak or what culture you come from, I just want to lean more into that.

Woods talks about the start of his ventures into video games on the eSports circuit, saying that he loves the fighting game community and how it’s borrowed from wrestling. “Everybody, regardless of who you are, you enjoy a good little confrontation between people, and coming from wrestling, that’s what we always sell, that’s what we know how to do.”

When asked if a possible gig at G4 would prevent him from continuing his YouTube channel, Woods said that both could work simultaneously.

I’ve always been in a situation where I’m doing more than one thing at once. People say they’re burning the candle from both ends. I’m burning the candle from both ends and the middle usually. I feel like if I’m lucky enough to get their attention and to become a host of something, or even just like a correspondent, like when Cons come back, or even just somebody that pokes their head in and then they get interviewed or just be on for like two seconds, I just want to do anything with G4. But I feel like UpUpDownDown, as I said, will run as it has been running.

Xavier also talked about trying to bring Tabletop gaming to G4 as well as other formats that have worked well on his YouTube. The man obviously has plenty of plans for his possible tenure, so here’s hoping that Comcast is watching.

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