Xavier Woods’ Dream Tag Match For New Day: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

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Xavier Woods’ Dream Tag Match For New Day: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

Xavier Woods The Elite

Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

The New Day: Feel The Power podcast did a special “Ask New Day” episode and the trio started the session off with the always asked, always wondered “what is your dream match?” question. When it got to the tag match portion, Xavier Woods gave an answer not just he would love, but the majority of wrestling fans would love.

“But one that is more of a fantasy that probably won’t happen (I hope it does at some point) would be going up against…The Elite. Specifically Kenny & The Bucks. Essentially we had a taste of that, we went up against them in a Street Fighter competition at E3, we were bringing wrestling worlds together. We were having companies collide and showing that everyone can just have a good time. Wrestling should just be wrestling for the sake of people’s entertainment because that’s what we’re doing. That’s what this is all about and would entertain the absolute hell out of me to wrestle those boys.”

Earlier on, Kofi stated who his singles dream match would’ve been against.

“Going up against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. To me, Shawn Michaels is the greatest to ever do it…I’ve never seen him have a bad match and most of the matches that he are in, they are not good, they are great. So to me he’s the greatest of all time so growing up that’s what I would always want.”

Xavier said who his dream singles match would be against and it’s one that continues to be his white whale.

“My one-on-one match would be Too Cold Scorpio, greatest wrestler of all time.”

“People don’t give him enough due. He does some crazy stuff for being a big dude,” Big E added.

“Thank you for now understanding why I’ve been reppin’ him my whole life,” said Xavier, who then tells the story of the only time he crossed paths with his wrestling idol.

“I walk up to him and I introduce myself, I said, ‘I was wondering if you had any time, if you wouldn’t mind rolling around in the ring with me cause you’re my favorite guy and I would just love to learn anything from you.’ And he looks at me and goes, ‘Man…I don’t even know you!’ And I legit, the fear set in me, I was like, ‘Uh, that’s how we can get to know each other.’ He goes, ‘I’ll meet you out there in ten minutes.’ And I was like, ‘Yes! Yes!’ And so he comes out there and we lock up and he takes an arm, and then (sighs)…Matt Morgan goes, ‘Hey, Scorp! Can you show me some arm stuff?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, what do you want?’ He’s like, ‘Something that I can show off my size with.’ He looks at me and he’s like, ‘Sorry, man.’ I was like, ‘Oh, no. What’s happening?’ I didn’t understand so he shows him like where you get a knuckle lock and then raise brother all the way over your head and then he would cut my legs out from underneath me while I was seven feet in the air and he did it like three or four times and I’m like, ‘Okay, this sucks,’ but Scorp’s still here so I’m like, ‘Maybe he’ll do it one more time and then I’ll go back to doing what I really wanted to do’ and he kept doing it, and then Scorp got bored of it and left and then I stayed with Matt Morgan and the whole time I’m just thinking about what could’ve been. Like maybe we would’ve been good friends, maybe he would have taken me under his wing, like and so later, years, years later I tell Matt Morgan this story and goes, ‘Oh my God, man. I’m so sorry.’ He took me out to dinner that night, every time I see him he like apologizes for it and I was like, ‘You know what? It came back around.’ But yeah, since then I’ve never crossed paths with Scorpio and to me, he’s like the reason I am a wrestler cause I love everything that he did and he was so dope.”

As for Big E? Give him Goldberg as a fella to slap some meat with:

“Y’all want a great match? Nah, bump that! Y’all wanna see two big men with…with big chests and big muscles….bumpin’ meat! (Sizzles for emphasis) That’s why I’m here, that’s why I watched wrestling as a kid. You want your five star matches? You want your thirty minute classics? Not me. Big meaty men slappin’ meat, that’s what I want! I’m crampin’ up…”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can listen to the entire episode of Feel The Power below: