Xavier Woods Doubts His Value Following His Defeat in WWE Speed

Xavier Woods Doubts His Value Following His Defeat in WWE Speed
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Professional wrestler Xavier Woods has found himself grappling with self-doubt after an unsuccessful bid for the WWE Speed Championship this week.

In the latest installment of WWE Speed, Woods came close but was ultimately defeated by Andrade, the second-ever Speed Champion who claimed the title from Ricochet.

Reacting to his loss in an exclusive interview with WWE Digital, Woods expressed his emotions. He stated,

“I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. I fought my way through the tournament, I became number one contender. I earned a title shot, and even with that, I couldn’t do it. I talk a big game, I’ve been wrestling 20 years. I thought this was the one. This is when you start to think, ‘Am I good enough to do this?’ Yeah, I can be in a tag team, the most decorated tag team, Hall of Fame career, honestly. But as far as me by myself, you start to think maybe you don’t got.”

WWE Speed, an exclusive wrestling event, is broadcasted solely on Twitter and its championship title is not defended on mainstream TV shows or televised pay-per-view events. In his television appearances, Woods is embroiled in a rivalry with the Final Testament.

A tweet from WWE read, “After an intense #WWESpeed Championship Match, @AustinCreedWins is left with more questions than answers…” posted on the 5th of July, 2024.