X-Pac SHOOTS on whos a hoe in WWE ,TNA, and WCW

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X-Pac tells whos a hoe in wwe

These prowrestler are purposeful. I fetch my [__] enjoy the relaxation the [__] up thing i did and any one can demand me a seek files from about it i'll acknowledge it honestly they did um the girls within the alternate are constantly a sizzling matter so it is time for the ho fetch um i will battle by uh uh the names of the girls within the alternate if .

Within the event that they're cool within the event that they're uh you understand what why don't we attain this why don't we add a diminutive bit be aware association to provide me a be aware to record every girl and then within the event that they belong on this planet one be aware two or three we're now not gonna there's ideal so many phrases duration that you just one be aware .

The solutions appeared you would also relate about any ladies even if the be aware is cool or a girl we'll open with stephanie mcmahon sweetheart very proper out of your total fetch i procure it stays out of the outlet okay lita cool [__] cool christy hemi don't know okay lillian garcia .

Mountainous bush you're now not her landscaper i procure it proper no nonetheless that used to be the [__] be aware out of the [__] ladies locker room that used to be a complete assorted world there certain oh yeah she's it seems had the [__] chubby [__] grass [__] busch gardens .

Going it's coming serve isn't it clear that [__] mow that lawn toddler okay nonetheless nonetheless now not a hoe no no for sure now not it will probably perchance had been a redeeming fantastic really okay molly saint within the wrestling alternate saint .

Yeah okay in our alternate unfucking believable how pure she is i attempted to come up with one be aware to record that give her a pair [__] sizzling sizzling uh speechless you're speechless neatly it's proper that we're we're somewhat somewhat proper chums i and .

Uh we had lots of stress-free together she's for sure cool man for sure cool and he or she deserves every [__] odds of success that she has any romantic entanglements between you and her no much to your disappointment neatly no because i mean i nonetheless genuinely procure to me of the total .

Ladies enjoy folks would keep over tori wilson and he or she's a fairly girl nonetheless to me i didn't reflect any one [__] might possibly also preserve a candle to stacy keebler that's an right tribute she'll potentially procure to search for that tory wilson she's cool i proper don't know much about her i don't know her much um .

What's her name john would you procure to enviornment it within the fetch is that is that the effect we're going with this or enviornment it anywhere else possibly i kind of know the effect that used to be going proper for your lap you understand i mean it's proper that i want to i don't want to [__] preserve it up .

Like grudges nonetheless okay neatly we'll fetch a complete chapter on her so we'll procure there he can suck a [__] enjoy no one's [__] alternate that's better than john jameson to rating to procure points for that uh sable world [__] smuggler that's i know that's three phrases nonetheless .

Yeah is it mountainous huh mountainous i'm now not going to claim i know no formula because i don't want to procure my ass kicked by brock lesnar he already is aware of regarding the poop within the fetch thing oh we'll procure there too uh becky bayless neatly i i was focused on a match with her um i don't for sure know much about her i heard that she used to be in an right .

Stinker onion one of the crucial closing television tapings i don't know did she procure a triangle or something what the the effect does that oh she talked about no okay the cat very fantastic come on sean if now not i enjoy i enjoy stacy and he or she married a for sure cool guy proper now um .

She used to be potentially been on the concept used to be that she would had been on the wild side nothing you'd know of although your politicians are [__] awesome it's proper that if it's any individual really enjoy i i kind of fetch a laborious time [__] doing their [__] laundry available .

All proper neatly can't we fetch proper times and stress-free time enjoy i search for at my colleagues as wild and stress-free and nothing i would attain now i mean the relaxation she might possibly also fetch done used to be potentially consensual it used to be potentially with permission proper for you .

It's now not proper for me nonetheless oh no whoever oh it used to be okay so within the fetch or out of the fetch joany's getting lonely yeah neatly i proper i enjoy her too much okay proper for you all proper transferring on dixie carter ho fetch hobo fully now not okay .

Fully now not um for sure cool for sure cool um nonetheless i enjoy this guy um ostrich with the pinnacle within the sand leave that down that's an insider's level of view too isn't it ryan shamrock my one of my dearest chums i've ever had the [__] easiest girl on earth as far .

As i'm enthusiastic proper deborah for sure cool okay ivory [__] obtained't shut the [__] up can you imagine i will't imagine having sex with her she's cool [__] nonetheless i will't imagine having sex with her i will't imagine her being a hoe because i will't imagine .

Any individual really getting that far proper it's a proper formula to proper formula to terminate her from chatting with position something in her mouth i enlighten um yeah she's worked with us as of late and and used to be a diminutive bit of a talker uh jacqueline bright [__] bright [__] [__] proper .

There for sure mountainous ol ass teddies seems for sure proper for age and um i don't know i mean there's possibly just a few things i will relate about her nonetheless we've potentially heard all of them already no no no tales memphis nothing look nonetheless i by no formula used to be in memphis .

They're all second-hand tales you understand i mean you understand she favored blind guys proper at one time with a mountainous stake within the firm yeah kimberly page hmm i don't know i don't know i proper i wouldn't keep her for your total category by any formula .

However it completely's now not the sweetheart of this she's now not the sweetheart now not the sweetheart of the year although clearly from your response i heed why she might possibly fetch done the things she did if she for sure did these items nonetheless you don’t fetch any first-hand files there's no switch .

Good ample no i mean you understand i mean she might possibly add you understand i don't know something to realize with the neighbors down the side freeway who’s aware of i mean it will probably also had been any individual yeah okay all proper transferring on lundra blaze she's [__] you understand what she's more she's so cool .

Somebody urged a rib on her one time the effect assorted folks provided it enjoy a [__] [__] and no one within the event you didn't know the rib passed off to her you wouldn't even know enjoy she wouldn't she didn't promote one bit she's so [__] cool tori which one the one which used to be with me certain very fantastic and .

semi enjoy kind of goofy in a [__] home rat although it's proper her character i mean yeah yeah she used to be very enjoy a new new age which i'm kind of cool with that nonetheless enjoy i dig just a few of that stuff nonetheless equivalent to you understand .

In actuality into the yoga and revel in overboard on it now not within the fetch although proper now we're speaking all proper joanie's getting a chum oh you're now not her final judgment she'll potentially meet her maker sooner or later nonetheless gary i'm sorry i no i will't let me preserve on let me tear .

By right here we'll keep the dealer for someone else yeah i look who's going i know you're holding it i'm procuring for any individual else the cat proper went in used to be that who i keep in there hear regardless no matter who you retain within the fetch the bush retailer the bush narrative .

Is the trailer moment all proper doesn't matter i will ideal i'm now not going to position i shouldn't keep a cat within the fetch now bought within the fetch procure it come on let the cat out of the fetch you procure to fetch the cat out of the bed all proper and tori and tori's now not going in either you're now not .

Not from white the politicians i know i'm now not for sure nonetheless she does want to shave that field oh her too yeah neatly you understand what the brand new age stuff she's it's it's all pure proper whatever yeah whatever and that i did hear some tales and he or she'll forgive me .

All proper there she goes uh sunny taking a heed i have to she has to tear in there neatly you retain her in that's i mean if i don't i'll be shedding credibility that you just would be in a position to you'd be considered as a as too much of a worker yeah um what uh what are the give me some descriptive descriptive phrases .

Of neatly that are evoked be mindful you had been giving me a be aware enjoy sweetheart bush when i relate tam sonny wow um nonetheless you're speaking about enjoy did she excel enjoy did you hear that she excelled at certain now not for sure things now not proper activities no .

I didn't hear that she used to be gonna enjoy whoa i really heard that some folks talked about you understand some things about you understand bartering the barter draw yeah i heard yeah on our existing talked about um i heard something about what number of enjoy i heard any individual demand a seek files from about .

What number of psalmists does it procure for to procure you understand hammond william [__] i don't know i by no formula for sure had selmas no no did you barter with one more fabricate of forex really i thunder i be mindful really telling chris one time after we had been .

Driving him and that i had been driving within the automobile together tammy and sean i reflect had been in a single more automobile and that i reflect i was attempting to i was all [__] up on pills and that i was enjoy going you understand they're now not [__] i proper are attempting to convince them that you just understand they're .

Not [__] don't alarm did he now not even demand is it something you introduced out of the balloon he's driving enjoy i enjoy that song you loopy i admire it all proper let's carry out up with terry reynolds no i by no formula heard much about her i mean i know one per you understand nonetheless .

There's now not no one out nothing i would mumble lots of faculty she's cool you understand very proper loopy ideal yeah it's laborious for me to throw folks below the bus the ideal cat and that i will mumble myself no cat bought let out of the fetch she bought lada and then tori went in with .

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X-Pac SHOOTS on whos a hoe in WWE ,TNA, and WCW

X-Pac SHOOTS on whos a hoe in WWE ,TNA, and WCW