WZ Roundup: The Rock Thanks Fans, Matt Hardy in “Limbo 2” And More

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WZ Roundup: The Rock Thanks Fans, Matt Hardy in “Limbo 2” And More

Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

In this week’s WZ Roundup, the Rock thanks fans for their support in the wake of his father’s passing, Matt Hardy posts a cryptic video and it’s R-Truth’s birthday.

First, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson posted a video to Instagram in which he spoke about his father’s death. “Hard to express how deeply grateful I am for all your love, mana & support,” wrote Johnson in the post. “My family and I thank you. Go hug your loved ones hard, while you still can. I love you. DJ #ripsoulman.”

Johnson also shared the cause of his father’s death. “He had a deep vein thrombosis, which is essentially a blood clot in the leg,” said Johnson. “It was a big old blood clot that broke free, travelled up his body and went right to his lung, and clotted his lung. He died very quickly from a massive heart attack.” Johnson said he found comfort in the fact that his father isn’t in pain anymore.

Next, Matt Hardy posted a cryptic video, titled “LIMBO 2,” to his YouTube channel. “I’m Matt Hardy, I once was broken, then woken…. Now, I’m not quite sure what I am,” said Hardy. “Maybe I’m meant to be joking Matt Hardy.”

Then, in an interview with Gary Stonehouse of the Sun, WWE Hall of Famer names his Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling.

“A guy like Shawn Michaels would be on the Mount Rushmore, Ric Flair would be on Mount Rushmore… I don’t see Brock as an overall athlete that would be up there,” said Angle via Stonehouse. Angle says that Lesnar is unmatched in the ring but he’d rank Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair above him.

To round it out, he named two more icons. “’Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock,'” said Angle via Stonehouse. “”I would never put myself up there, it’s just not who I am. I imagine some people do but when I think about Mount Rushmore I don’t think of myself.'”

Lastly, it’s R-Truth’s birthday. The former WWE 24/7 Champion is turning 48. To celebrate, take a look at his WWE 24/7 Championship victories, thanks to WWE’s Playlist series.

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