WZ Roundup: Superstars Getting Smashed With Cake, Drew McIntyre’s New Last Name

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WZ Roundup: Superstars Getting Smashed With Cake, Drew McIntyre’s New Last Name

Drew McIntyre

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

It’s a new year but the holiday season has still somewhat slowed the news cycle. That means it’s time for another WZ Roundup. Once again, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world of professional wrestling.

First, after a chaotic wedding on WWE RAW, the WWE YouTube channel posted a Top 10 video of superstars getting smashed with cake. A clip from Lana’s first WWE wedding leads the list.

Next, in another WWE YouTube video, Drew McIntyre discussed how he got a new last name before his debut. “Myself and Michael Hayes ran straight to talent relations, he quickly told them, ‘Bring up Wikipedia, a bunch of Scottish names, we went from A, all the way through, listened to these names with a very limited time frame, to get a new name and as soon as I heard, it was McDonald first, he liked it, I went, ‘Nope, I know a Drew McDonald, it can’t be him.’ I need three syllables, fans need to chant it when I’m good one day, and he said, ‘Mc-in-tyre.’ That’s the one.”

Shifting gears, in the latest Canvas 2 Canvas, Alexa Bliss gets the spotlight.

In another update about Lana’s wedding, Liv Morgan posted throwback pictures of her and Lana.

Lastly, it’s awards season, and IMPACT! Wrestling has named the Final Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy from 2016 as its Match of the Decade.

The Match of the Decade as voted by you – @MATTHARDYBRAND vs. @JEFFHARDYBRAND in the Final Deletion.

Watch the full countdown HERE: https://t.co/TSrDtEMkU0 pic.twitter.com/DVTG1drhAt


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