WZ Roundup: Christmas, Chris Jericho, And Cesaro

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WZ Roundup: Christmas, Chris Jericho, And Cesaro


(Photo credit CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s WZ Roundup time once again. We’re still recovering from various forms of holiday fun, but that doesn’t mean that the wrestling world stops spinning. Or that it stopped spinning 21 years ago when WCW decided to end Goldberg’s winning streak with a taser.

21 years ago today, Goldberg's undefeated streak ended … on his birthday 😅

(via @WWE) pic.twitter.com/K5blG94WyY

— ESPN (@espn) December 27, 2019

Speaking of the holidays, it seems like a good time of year to celebrate Cesaro. WWE put out a “feats of strength” playlist for the Swiss Superman just a few days short of Festivus, and it’s a great reminder of how long Cesaro has been in his current position in WWE.

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Xavier obviously agrees, saying that his former rival in The Bar should be one of the top prospects to take on Brock Lesnar in the near future.

I’d put my money on @WWECesaro against Brock.

Let us debate. Who would y’all want to win in a match for the title?
#Cesaro or #Lesnar https://t.co/Hz8fnAzxtU

— Austin Creed – #XmasSeason (@XavierWoodsPhD) December 27, 2019

Speaking of The Bar, Sheamus is just about set to return to SmackDown, but not before posting a wonderful Christmas greeting featuring himself and Finlay posing in front of a festive tree.

Nollag sona from the Irish Christmas Elves… Fit’s ready for Guinness. #MerryChrismas pic.twitter.com/pCQUnDukKR

— Sheamus (@WWESheamus) December 25, 2019

On the AEW side of things, what are all of the Elite wrestlers doing for Christmas? Chris Jericho is discovering just how far his Bubbly has traveled, watching a video on TikTok and calling for more submissions.

Haha this is amazing! Any other @tiktok_us submissions? Post and I’ll retweet! https://t.co/A3gI6hRW7e

— Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) December 27, 2019

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Evil Uno is calling out Sonny Kiss on a misguided taste in movies. At least no one is defending Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House.

Get outta here, @SonnyKissXO https://t.co/QgilQjThbn

— EVIL UNO of the DARK ORDER (@EvilUno) December 26, 2019

Uno also took time out of his cult leadership to write out his favorite video games of the year for popular gaming site Giant Bomb. He shared the spotlight with fellow wrestler Jack Gallagher and a whole host of gaming industry folks during their year-end celebration.

You love @giantbomb.
You love Top 10 lists.
You love The Dark Order.#JoinDarkOrder https://t.co/FzbCkW7rXx

— EVIL UNO of the DARK ORDER (@EvilUno) December 24, 2019

Jack Gallagher's Top 10 Games of 2019 https://t.co/zt9ydhRU3x

— Giant Bomb (@giantbomb) December 25, 2019

Finally, at the top of Mt. Crumpit, MJF is raining down lumps of coal to his fans on this joyous holiday. I’d expect nothing less from AEW’s resident Grinch.

Father Trevino, thank God you’re a priest, because if you weren’t, your sex life would be exactly the same. https://t.co/x5CZpd7ou7

— Maxwell Jacob Friedman™️ (@The_MJF) December 26, 2019