WWE’s Success Paves The Way For AEW, Says Eric Bischoff

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Eric Bischoff, speaking on his “Strictly Business” podcast, recently discussed how WWE’s financial success and worldwide fame have created favorable conditions for AEW to flourish in the industry.

He explained that the remarkable achievements of WWE have caught the attention of television executives, who now view AEW as an opportunity to replicate that success. Bischoff emphasized that without WWE’s strong presence and established market, AEW wouldn’t have been able to secure the potentially lucrative TV deal that is anticipated to be announced soon. He said,


“AEW isn’t contributing. AEW is taking advantage of the success of a WWE, for example. It is because there is this company called WWE that is worth nine billion dollars that makes executives in the industry go, ‘Hm, we might be able to be worth nine billion dollars, but we could be worth a lot because the market is here.’ WWE has established a worldwide market for this product, more than anybody else.”

“If WWE would have been in the tank four years ago, and would have been flatlining and not selling out arenas, and just stumbling through pay-per-views, do you think Turner would have jumped on AEW? I don’t.”

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