WWE’s Nick Khan Says They Want To Work With Cardi B, We’ll See ‘A Lot’ Of Bad Bunny

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WWE’s Nick Khan Says They Want To Work With Cardi B, We’ll See ‘A Lot’ Of Bad Bunny

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Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage

Could Cardi B follow in the footsteps of Bad Bunny in the world of sports entertainment? If WWE’s Nick Khan gets his way, she will.

Khan, WWE’s chief revenue officer, recently spoke with Forbes’ Alfred Konuwa and said that there is interest in having the singer work with WWE. Konuwa asked about the potential for the company working with hip-hop artists in the future, and Khan said that like Bad Bunny, WWE wants to bring her in as well, in addition to opening the (forbidden) door for other hip-hop artists as well.

“Yes, and specifically the two that you just mentioned,” Khan replied, referring specifically to both Bad Bunny and Cardi B. “Obviously, there is no touring right now, so the ability to get Bad Bunny for however long this run is going to be—and you’re going to see a lot of him—I don’t believe that would have existed in a world where Bad Bunny was on tour. That’s going to be a continual effort, so we’re always going to watch Bad Bunny, Cardi B to get involved.”

“It made it a touch easier to get a deal done this time because they weren’t—over the course of however long the deal is—is not in 25 different cities during that time,” Khan added. “The bulk of concert money is made in the summertime. It doesn’t appear as if there are going to be big tours during the summer, even we’re all hopeful, so we’ll see what other folks we’re talking to and who you’ll see in the mix.”

Cardi B is not working with WWE in any official capacity at this time, but it would certainly bring plenty of attention to the company leading into WrestleMania in April. Cardi B is familiar with WWE, as she was recently namedropped on RAW and said she was not only a fan of Sasha Banks, but Trish Stratus and Melina as well.

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