WWE Wrestlers shoot on the Undertaker (Compilation) Wrestling Shoot Video

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WWE Wrestlers Shoot on The Undertaker | Wrestling Shoot Interview | Compilation
Here’s a compilation video of wrestling shoot interviews of WWE wrestlers talking about the Undertaker and his role because the locker room leader. On this video you’ll hear from Stone Chilly Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Edge, Paul Heyman, Kevin Nash, Boulevard Dogg Jesse James and Kevin Kelly.

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Wwe wrestlers shoot on the undertaker
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I be nuts about prowrestler, because they’re magnificent. i want to return exact quick i possess the building modified into uh evansville we ran evansville on a wednesday every week uswa and that's the place we obtained our paychecks i rob us help it happened in louisville it modified into in louisville kentucky and it modified into you and that i in a mark match there would perchance presumably .

Beget been one other guy on our aspect that would perchance merely had been a sixth man but our opponents were on the time uh the undertaker working as what the punisher master of pains modified into a master of pains okay as a master of pains at that time i possess you i possess you had given me one time sooner than i get that story we were riding down the avenue you myself and .

Chris champion and also you had given me the steve austin identify and we were talking to and fro and uh exact exact jacking with every other and he goes hiya ogle at this potential he goes one in all as of late that you may perchance turn heel and get in contact with yourself elegant steve austin to be a cocky arrogant hill so i possess on the time i exact came help as elegant steve austin on the opposite hand .

We're in the uh in the louisville there on the in the gardens and we obtained a mark match and the master panes over there alongside with soul taker who of us know because the godfather from wwe and presumably esteem said presumably to someone i modified into working my enjoy developmental didn't even ticket it yeah i didn't even ticket it boy i’d dangle .

Solid the characters it modified into in that rattling ring but we're standing on the corner there modified into a six-man mark someone else in the ring and also you and me are standing on every corner and also you ogle at me and here’s here’s esteem telling the the mountainous bully or the expressionless kid on the playground to drag assemble something and they'd drag assemble it yeah i modified into so agreeing you drag hiya next .

Time you get in there uh hang up hang up that mountainous uh mountainous ass soul taker and slam him so i said okay so obvious enough i get tagged in soul tiger will get tagged in here’s a mountainous dude he seemingly wait about time presumably 3 30. yeah mountainous dude i modified into all in form seemingly 255 so as soon as i get ring i hang his ass up and slam him .

It modified into comparable to you realize he wasn't looking out at for that you realize he modified into a senior guy in the ring i modified into seemingly going to be on the listening terminate at that time and uh so he obtained over esteem a farting church and that i endure in ideas he had that minute merely about jesus assembly with me after we obtained the dressing room and he goes hiya .

Brother he goes next time we get in the ring you exact slam me the deal modified into you realize i exact i exact took your recommendation i wouldn't slam a guy and it pissed him off to no wind and that i possess going to the building that evening furthermore uh i exact tried to connect with uh how did you slam undertaker no i slammed .

Soldier so but what i had carried out modified into me and uh undertaker were gonna skedaddle together that evening uh or something happened and they were gonna care for him uh hill or babyface and that i'd near in as a babyface so we couldn't skedaddle together yeah and so i exact made the off observation of to stamp who i didn't even know on the time but i .

Issue we're two texas guys he will get my humorousness yeah i said okay we can't skedaddle tonight it's going effectively i'll search you tonight on the building i'll stretch your ass and that i'll uh i'll stretch your ass in the ring that's what i said to him effectively i pissed him off yeah i didn't know i had pissed him off so there i am i possess soul taker tagged out i tagged .

Support in and uh there's uh undertaker uh master pan and he locations me in some sort of loopy eastern stretch care for and he wasn't torturing me but i couldn't drag nowhere till he determined to relinquish the care for and so i modified into exact laying there during the ring pondering god dang what in the flying hell is occurring here .

To me i believed that modified into in lebanon because i modified into looking out at it it’ll had been lebanon yeah and that i'm looking out at from the corner yeah and it saved occurring saved going i said all exact stamp let him up slam him up let him up realizing he'd point out that you may perchance up help me get up esteem what the hell .

I didn't know i didn't know what a crab or wine my stare i modified into esteem what is occurring here i didn't know i'd piss the guy off you realize i modified into most fascinating man at stamp's wedding yeah undertaker's wedding and that modified into a that modified into an trip so but i loved it yeah he modified into in truth in truth assemble you suspect that .

Uh undertaker's vince mcmahon's most fascinating creation up to now as gimmick-wise it will should always be esteem to me i will't take into chronicle presumably hulk hogan in the occasion you're pondering hulk hogan as a gimmick but hulk modified into hulk sooner than he obtained into the wwe taker became undertaker when he started with i will't possess of a i possess as a pure .

You ticket it it happened in the wwf yeah he's obtained to be it obvious i point out the persona with out a doubt had essentially the most longevity and with out a doubt had essentially the most longevity on high and he's been on high for the reason that day he started which modified into survivor series 1990 i .

Mean he started 24 years in the past and all all over again injuries and plenty others and plenty others but i point out he's never been exact a middle-of-the-avenue act he's been a extremely in moderation produced very in moderation presented very in moderation marketed performer for 24 years i don't know who else has had that flee .

Hogan didn't dangle that flee no and hogan modified into created you realize clearly modified into modified into you realize streamlined by vince but he modified into working as hulk hogan for vern and comely vince's dad you realize early on but one other thing i wished to discuss modified into exact how no longer easy taker is you realize so that you can work a total .

Match with a concussion the motive i vow this esteem all of us dangle a exact connection with taker you worked at some level of the hurry had a gargantuan program with them you exact were in the ring when he lost the hurry and that i the closing world title taker ever held and the closing world title i ever held i beat taker fort in the elimination chamber .

And as he modified into coming correct down to the ring for that match the pyro went off in his face three instances i don't know what happened but he obtained actually burned his coat his leather-essentially based entirely mostly coat modified into esteem uh regarded esteem in the occasion you gentle styrofoam on fire it modified into all crumpled up and unique misshapen the finest thing that saved him modified into his .

Hat exact his face his hair exact him but his total chest you realize he wears that singlet modified into beat crimson and it modified into white below now he will get burned he comes out on stage and that i modified into exact there from my pod and that i would perchance presumably search a bird's test ogle he's strolling down the ring fire goes up burns him he goes to his left fire comes up burns him he goes .

To his exact and it burns him three instances and he runs to the to the pot and stands in the pod for 20 minutes pouring water on himself as his flesh is burned he had third stage burns or second stage burns without reference to the worst one is presumably even his first in some areas and then wrestles a match i know what my recommendation would had been .

From ringside what's that carve him you ticket it's silly i build him in the walls of jericho and he stayed in it for some time and he said that pains him essentially the most because his chest is pressed to the mat pushing off but after the match i’m occurring the help of the scenes and vince and rob her already in the coach's room and that i endure in ideas taker you realize gargantuan easy he's the fawns .

Man he's the coolest guy in the dressing room he goes i came in then he's esteem vince i don't need an apology i don't need an excuse i'm exact telling you i don't even should always gape that guy all all over again because if i assemble i'm going to abolish him and also you realize i'm telling the truth and [__] esteem sure i assemble and .

I'm no longer going to remark the guy's identify however the pyro guy modified into never is he pointless he's never been viewed all all over again but someplace in a swamp in texas there is there's a pyro guy with a form of bullet holes in him but apparently i heard he works for iron maiden now i'm esteem steve you greater stare out dude or you exact named him no steve harris from iron maiden .

Yeah don't drag standing terminate to the pyro steve harris mine maina modified into doing pyro for wwe and he's never been viewed what's bruce dickinson gonna vow about this the one particular um .

Incident that assured me that i modified into no longer going to resume my contract modified into the for your residence louisville the place i wrestled brett and taker came by the backside and grabbed me and it stopped me from from uh and the major to the match modified into that taker had beaten had brett beat i .

Came down and flipped him off and it stamp him the match on the rumble i had to dangle brett beat in roar for it to assemble we're co-headlining this 12. exact and we we're all in a room and we're going over it and brett refuses to rob my build .

He won't be beat and that i'm esteem dude we're exact i'm going to get pulled in you're exact going to climb out it's no longer going to pains you no of us will feel the you realize the feeling that i modified into beat i'm esteem comparable to you realize he said effectively that doesn't assemble something for me and rob her who never says .

The rest never raises voices continually that truly sort of the motive the the the teach of motive [__] jolts up out of his chair he goes mom [__] no longer all the pieces is set you comparable to you realize this this this helps assemble our [__] match me extra mania makes .

Our reel sooner than our match potential something extra and they threw it around by it around and we obtained there and the day of the defense made the call that now he's no longer going to rob the flexibility bomb coolant luke the identify i gave him from since i modified into the roadie he modified into in gargantuan and in payment and .

Never let it repeat he modified into he has extra admire from everybody in the alternate than any one i know and in the occasion you don't admire him then it's your fault you obtained a discipline with him you realize what i point out because he's chilly and luke that's all there is to it he’s going to police the boys he won't drag to the place of work and stood you won't drag to the .

He'll get you he's obtained guts and he's obtained management qualities you realize uh he'll rob you and vow hiya what's the difficulty man you ogle sloppy in that match you realize are you messed up or were you he in truth would too he would rob me took me to the aspect several instances and talked to me and noah no person else would assemble that and exact point out that you may perchance realize that he's .

One he's a scamper-setter of the group you realize what i point out he's a group player but but he's stepped up a notch and he's being a scamper-setter of the group and that's uh that's unparalleled in as of late any one who's that on high doesn't give a rattling about any one below them but he does he's chilly and moved unfriendly ass in an honest potential although yeah .

He has so mighty admire he commands but that's esteem what i said earlier about sean he respects everybody that's around everybody you realize the photographers the stagehands the on the help of the scenes crew won't drag up and be buddy buddy with him .

Nonetheless they all will drag over and shake his hand and vow howdy and he'll assemble the similar he'll be the major one to trek as much as him shake their hand and vow howdy and that's it and that's all it is a extremely easy admire you get what you give um he's respectful of of us and he will get it in return .

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WWE Wrestlers shoot on the Undertaker (Compilation) Wrestling Shoot Video

WWE Wrestlers shoot on the Undertaker (Compilation) Wrestling Shoot Video