WWE Wrestlers Shoot On the Randy Savage Stephanie McMahon Rumors (compilation) Wrestling Shoot

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Wrestling Shoot Interview
Here’s a compilation of wrestling personalities discussing the rumor of Macho Many Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon having a sexual relationship.

Wrestling Shoot Interview
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Here is every other inconceivable legitimate wrestling grappler! did randy steph why has this variation into this kind of thing i've easiest heard that treasure just recently when i was there having been spherical randy i’d mediate no because he's used to be so awkward spherical broads .

That i don't see that i don’t maintain any thought although we asked lanny and he acknowledged uh easiest two other folks would maintain the respond one of them is needless the others now not talking that sounds treasure a appropriate impersonation he's he’s an excessive amount of he's he's he's loads he's loads lanny there's various .

Lanny when line is there you procure various cedar rapids i heard a yarn that you simply and ewan kevin nash instructed macho man that you simply guys would shave your heads if macho man did it first is that this a lawful myth were you ripping him or being excessive yeah we were i keep in mind talking to much i i'm a mountainous match fan my first gargantuan time perspective used to be against match it used to be machismo .

Versus macho and i hung out with him plenty i keep in mind treasure match used to be so wow so tight treasure one time he had the customized cowboy boots from the austin hall boot company i keep in mind announcing oh my nice boots what attain you imply by that i treasure your boots and nice i .

Endure in mind one time we're one time i'm sitting on the airport bar in on the marriott in atlanta and it's no person's in there it's upright me and mine sitting treasure actual across the nook of the bar and he goes it's now not difficulty it's now not honest i high-tail what attain you imply man he goes .

You and nash procure the whole [__] it's now not honest i needed to sit down there and build much over i needed to dispute treasure bro you're so frigid that you simply don't even know it i acknowledged there's ladies all across the arena that can die and are searching for to be with you mods all you gotta attain is ask he used to be .

Adore really yeah oh no i don't belief them and it's wow it upright nonetheless yeah we did because he used to be really doing the comb over and looked putrid and i cherished mods and we're going to upright shave [__] that you simply wouldn't attain it i acknowledged i'll attain it i'll attain it actual now let's high-tail up .

To the room and one shrimp one would all attain it too and we acknowledged okay smartly i'll attain it that's the build i keep in mind it i don't know we're on the bar can i ask you to attain the kevin nation one beyond regular time that you simply upright did there oh i don't know you gotta keep in mind kev regularly goes smartly .

Let me procure this actual he regularly starts the parable he's treasure smartly let me procure this actual um my ask is that this oh there's a there's various urban legends in the legitimate wrestling trade nonetheless this one is a shrimp bit merit because various guys won't touch it would you observation since you’ve not got anything else to lose actual now .

On the low rumor about randy savage and stephanie mcmahon all over again thanks to your brother keep it up dude what's the rumor smartly the fact smartly there might perchance be a just appropriate uh rumor on the market that the clarification why savage um is roughly getting the blacklist from vince senior and i'm now not in the trade so i’m able to't .

Call vince vince senior i know that um that he allegedly might perchance presumably maintain had intercourse with stephanie what's that got to attain with anything else i imply stephanie's a girl smartly what brother uh macho it's his name has never been uttered all over again out of vince mcmahon's mouth and i've been benefit several cases .

The slumber summerslam with shawn michaels randy orton i've long past benefit to uh monday evening raw's gargantuan anniversary 20th or 30th anniversary and you're actual brother the oh yeah the macho man's name has never been mentioned nonetheless what i upright uh if that's lawful possibly the cause he never possibly that's why he never went .

Again there totally all actual i'm gonna attain a shrimp bit smartly what i don't know if he's smarter if he used to be upright going for broke man nonetheless you gotta you gotta give him props for going out on a limb bro actual all actual hulk thanks a great deal virgil .

Mike campbell 41mania.com attain if there's any truth in the prolonged-standing rumor that randy savage slept with an underage stephanie mcmahon all actual other folks i'm sorry as smartly as i attain if there used to be any arrangement that i could perchance presumably validate this with any proof or now not now not up to even a rumor .

That i could perchance presumably be extra than snug to attain so on videotape nonetheless no i didn't even hear this till just a few years ago and i don't know the build it came from i i mediate that the the time doesn't the timeline doesn't work to me and additionally i never heard any one know that once i was up there it's upright prior to now few years that .

This has popped up i mediate it's this kind of i'd treasure i'd are searching for to maintain something on it nonetheless i mediate it's this kind of hulk hogan and brutus beefcaker brothers light now what happens subsequent is when wcw will get purchased out vince mcmahon buys wcw all of us keep in mind that and what happens all of these broken-down wwe wrestlers birth .

To reach dwelling hogan nash hall ric flair everyone used to be coming benefit to the wwe excluding for one man randy savage and right here is the build you procure the rumors environment out all over again because we've all heard the rumors of stephanie mcmahon we've all heard him they've been on the market no person appears to be like to understand why this rumor exists or the build it came from nonetheless apparently another folks .

Focal point on that randy savage had an affair with stephanie mcmahon when she used to be young and that’s why he’s blacklisted from the wwe that's why vince mcmahon did now not even acknowledge his existence after he left and apparently it’d were essentially the most easy thing to reveal why randy savage used to be never allowed benefit in when everyone else had apparently extra .

Warmth with vince than he did why is he the one who doesn't reach benefit and what they went there i’m able to't imagine they went there now randy savage build that video up on his web set years ago the build he responds to some interview that triple h had the build he known as him a dinosaur and it pissed him off so randy savage for sure used to be very corpulent of vitality .

And really high strung benefit then this would presumably maintain even been across the identical time that he released that rap album keep in mind so savage gave the affect treasure he used to be going a shrimp bit loopy nonetheless in the video he calls out now not easiest hulk hogan nonetheless triple h says he's going to slap the [__] out of him and expend his wife stephanie now imagine that imagine if there used to be .

One thing that took place between randy savage and stephanie mcmahon years ago that no-one is aware of about excluding vince that used to be an instantaneous slap actual in vince and stephanie's face and that’s a extraordinarily appropriate causes why we never noticed randy savage in the wwe it supports the claim that perchance something did high-tail on i don't see how that's doubtless randy .

Savage has been with beautiful ladies in his existence throughout the time that this affair would maintain taken situation stephanie would now not were that old and now not even been that appropriate searching she's much hotter now than she would maintain ever looked in 1993 can maintain to you inquire from me so as to me the affair really didn't produce any sense thanks to the mountainous age .

Distinction between the 2 that can maintain needed to existed and the indisputable truth that randy savage it's now not hard for him to procure ladies he's had just a few of essentially the most beautiful ladies ever in the history of the wrestling trade so it's now not treasure he's desperate so why he would pray on a young stephanie mcmahon to me gave the affect irregular to me i upright regularly denied .

The rumors because i'm treasure there's no [__] arrangement that is now not wise why the [__] would these two of all other folks maintain anything else to attain with each other romantically or sexually to me it made no sense nonetheless i gotta repeat you the wwe practically added gasoline to this fire added gasoline to this rumor that perchance it really is lawful my instincts repeat me it is now not .

However what we are able to now not 100 verify that and i don't mediate we ever will be in a situation to and that's precisely what they shriek in the documentary we are able to now not ever know hello right here is william from fargo the arrangement you guys doing william what's going on hello got a handy e book a rough ask for you and i don't even know can maintain to you guys will observation on this nonetheless uh there's a really prolonged time files superhighway .

Uh myth going spherical and uh can you guys observation on after doing trade with everyone else vince mcmahon never did trade till the hall of status with randy savage and the cause for that till the hall of status he quiet hasn't done trade okay and .

Any cause for that i mediate that the cause is the identical cause that everyone says okay essentially the most easy cause it's the cause that everyone in the corporate says it's the cause that’s essentially the most easy particular person that makes any sense so i mediate that's the cause all actual very appropriate with any other .

Cause all actual thanks guys that's essentially the most easy we might perchance presumably shriek about that one thanks a great deal for the name i don't know i don't know i imply i i imply i've heard that cause from so many other folks that which might perchance presumably presumably be now not files superhighway rumor mongers i imply these that all i know is that within .

Contained in the corporate up to now because the discontinue other folks all of them imagine it and no-one is aware of pointless to dispute because it's never brought up you see i i ponder about this because we've been asked this ask for for years now and it's been the identical myth for years that uh something appealing .

Randy savage and stephanie when she used to be younger and this and that and after we after we first heard this myth when i first heard the parable i didn't imagine it because i upright thought it used to be some myth nonetheless then and i imply even when other folks in the who’re very high up in that company um after they left the corporate would .

Divulge me that myth i quiet didn't imagine it nonetheless after a sure selection of years when it's it's upright tips are are brought up for randy savage and the response um there's something valid valid putrid because let's face it i imply i couldn't count the selection of cases vince acknowledged he would .

Never attain trade with hulk hogan and he regularly does yeah so i don't know nonetheless all over again all we're announcing is that that’s what everyone is announcing we obviously don’t maintain any thought nonetheless um it is miles attention-grabbing that that uh it's practically treasure as time goes by extra other folks discuss it as if it's what really took place and i i mediate .

More other folks really as time goes by extra other folks discuss it attempting to dispute that it didn't happen um that you simply would have the ability to maintain to quiet ask oliver because all of her is aware of is aware of the parable or oh oliver is aware of oh i'll refer to oliver then yeah oliver is aware of all actual now i got oliver in worry now you did .

So there you high-tail oh glimpse what you've done right here
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WWE Wrestlers Shoot On the Randy Savage Stephanie McMahon Rumors (compilation) Wrestling Shoot

WWE Wrestlers Shoot On the Randy Savage Stephanie McMahon Rumors (compilation) Wrestling Shoot