WWE Wrestlers Shoot on Doink the Clown / Matt Bourne | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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WWE Wrestlers Shoot on Doink the Clown / Matt Bourne | Wrestling Shoot Interview
This is a wrestling shoots compilation video of WWE wrestlers and legends talking about Doink the Clown / Huge Josh / Matt Bourne.

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I esteem shooter and wrestler, as a result of they are fancy! i mean he dropped us on our heads when he was [__] enormous josh and we were [__] i used to be ozand inexperienced and he he was continuously [__] reckless and hit you with his axe tackle and was fair were you there on the identical time when he was dying yeah yeah smartly we known as him krusty the .

Clown simply as a result of he wasn't esteem that [__] wasn't esteem that uh outfit obtained washed very in total a form of cases you'd stare him in the bar the bar with the uh make-up tranquil appropriate extra or much less your scheme and so uh yeah no person i mean i checked out that i .

Mean you realize his he's now not counterfeit and his dad wasn't counterfeit so clearly neither was a hologram which is colossal as a result of my dad was loyal and that i'm loyal i gave blood the replace day and blood came out of me so it's fair to perceive we're all loyal is it in any methodology admirable that .

He’s uh factual to his beliefs as a member of the susceptible school wrestling uh we had a extra or much less fight if any individual said the rest detrimental about the industry then yeah i mean i i guess so if you realize if you imagine that the arena's tranquil flat and the dinosaurs didn't exist and we're .

Truly extra or much less a planet that's 9 000 years susceptible so you're asserting there's an evolution that needs to must happen yeah you fair about appropriate must be a shrimp bit bit [__] smarter i mean there's a cause you don't own any [__] cash there's a cause you [__] didn't assemble it .

To the stop you're a uninteresting [__] and likewise you fair about are going to poke on the premise of he made it to the stop he never will deserve to own what attain you mean i will deserve to own never been introduced in i made it to the stop you've already you've already .

Acknowledged that i will deserve to were introduced in but as a result of i former the observe faith you didn't own the glory presumably that perspective shouldn't were repulsive as a result of you didn't own the glory that you just are going to is what we attain ok can you poke to vegas and would possibly well you .

Play cash on wrestlemania no it's predetermined so that they’d cast off so what does predetermined mean smartly you're going to paint me into a corner here aren't you detective um is arnold schwarzenegger in the terminator in actuality a cyborg .

True however the lengths that you just poke to to glean this i didn't very worthy i didn't speak that the [__] from from i’ve one of the crucial [__] smartest guys i ever met in this industry captain lou he checked out me and he said kid there's simplest two things loyal .

In this industry the cash and the miles that's what's loyal cash in the miles so matt i don't know who [__] broke you in but in the event that they taught you those two things cash and miles and cash being the greatest i would possibly well fair about have that presumably you .

Potentially would possibly per chance be plenty extra a hit smartly there's a form of ancient past there batman similar to you said we were segment of the rat pack methodology back in the early 80s and we had about a uh exchanges let's speak in the back in the dressing room uh dvrc witnessed that bernie lad broke .

One up but anyway esteem i said i had an even afflict profession so i did ok and uh you understand it's arduous to claim fair matt you realize matt's passed away so i'm now not going to keep up a correspondence execrable about the fellow but uh you realize that's one of the crucial enormous misconceptions of wrestling folks smartly you guys are all .

Merely buddies aren't you no we're now not all fair buddies you realize you own about a buddies you own a form of acquaintances and likewise you own got a few enemies and matt bourne was my enemy you that's the thing about it you realize when when matt bourne did uh doing the clown .

Hiya man that will per chance per chance were an real shitty gimmick for the repulsive cat yeah matt bourne labored that to it was a 10 out of a 10. you couldn't own done it no better than matt did it yep you realize whose realizing that was who's mike heggstrand hawk in actuality road warrior hawk hawk came up .

With the joint gimmick he came up with smartly he came up with the depressing clown gimmicks sitting in the dressing room and uh imagine it was in toronto or uh no what's the city exterior of hamilton hamilton ok no person likes to work hamilton matt was in coming through matt's sitting in the back .

And he's obtained you realize he continuously had esteem that shrimp uh pot belly gut yeah his veil sitting there he obtained his gut placing out and he's smoking a cigarette his hair is all down he's appropriate sweaty and depressing and that's where matt was anyway .

Yeah yeah and mikey rude seems even goes hello pritchard krusty the clown having a leer out oh my god you're fair hello cease severe he's [__] crusty the clown you realize you realize we're having a leer at him and that i mean he regarded esteem krusty the clown so [__] the intense goes into fence .

Because vince advance here he's pointing at him i stare the clown and vince didn't know who crested the clown was who's crossing the cliff oh yeah oh my god i guess we're explaining you realize the characteristics of krusty the clown all this [__] then there was a movie out .

The execrable clowns from outer house yeah esteem that and he's an execrable clown and uh that's how he grew to become execrable clown man mike appropriate having a leer at him going he's krusty the clown man that was a colossal gimmick matt bourne uh matt uh matt bourne was down there the fellow that went on to .

Change into a dork he was an real [__] buzz sawyer you realize was an real nut case i mean those guys were in actuality malicious they in actuality tried to afflict you bruiser brody i mean a form of fellows that aren't around anymore i mean i haven't written my e book but lots of the reviews about them ok so matt bourne's tying his shirt .

Sleeve prolonged sleeve shirt as a result of it's iciness he's tying similar to you realize takes a sleeve and ties a large knot fair in the uninteresting center nonetheless it was his own clothes esteem what are you doing he goes stare kid after which he and he tied a pleasurable loose knot in his cl in his nonetheless it regarded tight after which he went to .

All americans else's clothes and tied their whether it was their pants leg and jeans or slacks set them tied a knot pulled it colossal tight or it was their shirt sleeve and pulled it colossal tight after which when the boys came back in you realize as a result of they were staring at a match .

A match ends they advance back in they're esteem ah who who did this you realize esteem as a result of we every left the room after which we at final we wandered back in with all americans else similar to you realize we had nothing to attain with it which i in actuality didn't i used to be appropriate a spectator and all americans's esteem oh man .

Who tied my shirt and now not after which matt goes as a lot as his shirt and goes yeah who grew to become who tied mine in the knot so all americans else and it's in actuality arduous to glean those knots out you realize as a result of they're pulled so tight and that's a gain guy .

And likewise you realize namely esteem on a prolonged-sleeve shirt slacks are a shrimp bit more uncomplicated pants are a shrimp bit more uncomplicated however the shirts are esteem so arduous and he matt's in the market working and he's esteem oh man i'm gonna glean i'm gonna kick his ass whoever did this and that i'm esteem oh that's so sweet .

These pro wrestling grappler are pretty unbelievable!!

WWE Wrestlers Shoot on Doink the Clown / Matt Bourne | Wrestling Shoot Interview

WWE Wrestlers Shoot on Doink the Clown / Matt Bourne | Wrestling Shoot Interview