WWE Wrestlers and Corridor of Famers shoot on the Rock | Wrestling Shoot Interview | Dwayne Johnson

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WWE Wrestlers and Corridor of Famers shoot on the Rock Wrestling Shoot Interview Dwayne Johnson
On this Wrestling Shoots video WWE Superstars focus on the Rock. On this video you’ll hear from Brock Lesnar, Bubba Ray Dudley, Kevin Nash, Designate Henry and Ken Shamrock. They all focus on referring to the Rock and their dealings with him whether or no longer or no longer it’s certain or negative.

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That is one amazing shooter and wrestler. here's the factor you're riding down uh the avenue with these veterans you're swapping out vehicles you're pumping gasoline you're paying your dues and you're discovering out you're asking questions yeah and all of a surprising man uh inside you know a transient time all of a surprising .

You're within the ring with the rock the most electrifying man in sports actions leisure and bam my first match uh become as soon as uh they took me to australia i'm within the ring i'm in a triple likelihood match with with uh duane and paul lev triple h and uh i become as soon as appropriate having this .

Dialog with with the triple h uh about a days final final time i become as soon as at tv about uh him and dwayne comprise of appropriate leaving me out of the loop on motive due to to procure on the market and to that's the procedure you be taught is whenever you're on the market you know and so .

It's secret yeah you you better you better swim or or you know you're long previous so i it become as soon as a valid quite loads of for me and it become as soon as dwayne did a range of dwayne that become as soon as undoubtedly undoubtedly awesome dwayne become as soon as leaving and of us can disclose uh what they need about duane within the industry but i stutter you what the person become as soon as .

He taught me to be egocentric he taught me to be to to see my lend a hand and whenever you're gonna whenever you're gonna thrive in this industry you know you gotta be egocentric and that i and and the evening that he become as soon as no longer egocentric to me he you know i obtained the i obtained the wwe .

Championship from and uh it's a give and purchase but there's sure times you you you purchase you and you and you and you obtained the time for giving is you obtained that title pretty off the you know very in a transient time and did uh all of a surprising you think hiya man here’s going to be a actually straight forward trail i'm a champion no no .

My i mutter to me the industry become as soon as so unique and so absorbing when i first obtained on the avenue i become as soon as going up and down the avenue you know moving beers uh staying in varied motels staying in varied uh varied environments yeah and uh .

You respect so it become as soon as it become as soon as all very absorbing and stimulating uh within the muse you know so yeah it obtained me a couple divorces here’s a silly evening due to um after we within the muse had we had been the associated price group champions and we obtained to smackdown that evening um relish that day two o'clock in .

The afternoon dudley's you're working with uh i don't know la resistance and you're gonna be a range of resistance in corresponding to you know eight minutes pretty successfully vince they rewrote the narrate that evening and at six o'clock narrate begins at eight pretty they got here lend a hand to us with the unique narrate so we went from you know working throughout the narrate with a range of .

Resistance to double uh two segment foremost tournament dudley's versus jericho and rocky for the for the titles and we had been going to descend the titles to you guys wow yeah yeah adequate no field no matter mean it’s probably you’ll maybe well presumably know so we toddle we delivery talking referring to the match now for all individuals listening me devon you .

Rocky persistently a valid relationship sure um i’d disclose us and rocky visitors more than anybody else rocky would presumably call a chum at that stage yeah in point of truth fully i mean me and devon rode with rocky i mean we're all getting you know so we're all visitors pretty now .

So that you know doing industry with every varied is de facto very easy we can focus on freely amongst every varied and you know we're all buds yeah pretty so there we’re brocky's warming up he's bouncing up and down his pecs you know pecks bouncing within the wind and uh we had been going to circulation over the gap the effect you know the dudleys had been about to purchase over .

On takeover on rocky and that i talked about rock you know you know you toddle to hit the ropes and stacy will bear your leg and you turn around and you stare down at stacy and then i'll come up from within the lend a hand of you i'll nail you you toddle down and that's how we'll delivery you know beating you up and uh he's bouncing up and down he's .

Doing his miniature heat-americaand he looks to be at me and he goes that's a correct space appropriate no longer for the rock i mean for you guys it's adequate but no longer for the rock and that i talked about what he goes yeah no no no bubba that's a correct space appropriate no longer for the rock i keep in mind comprise of taking a stare over at you relish is he kidding .

Is he ripping us is he for real and that i i undoubtedly don't keep in mind relish the the the particulars from here but i keep in mind getting undoubtedly pissed off and coming into into his face yeah and you had to successfully at this closing date i'd been work i become as soon as doing a gargantuan angle with him and we had been tagging person we had been about to work at .

A gargantuan singles feud and that i become as soon as in style to him and that's appropriate one thing that he would disclose and you had been corresponding to you know relish this mother relish what who attain you think you’re you went paunchy ny what attain you mean for the rock it's no longer correct ample for me for for him we're appropriate as correct as yours but rock never broke he's relish oh no no .

No i'm no longer announcing it's a depraved factor it's appropriate relish it's no longer correct for the rock the rock would never attain that so could well additionally you shut up with the rock you're you you're here you know but that become as soon as him that's exactly how he become as soon as but then he goes he goes he goes successfully if uh you know if uh stacy uh you know grabs me by the foot you know .

Then i'd must you know punch her you're a baby face and you have to punch a girl in point of truth i'd kick her within the face why wouldn't i who am i talking to the locker kick within the face fail to keep in mind it that's how it become as soon as even supposing yeah but yeah we had some uh correct matches with i'm no longer sure how veritably you you know maybe easiest been one time that the four of us .

Labored and even there's about a varied times but i suspect there could well additionally need been relish two or three times the effect you guys tagged against lend a hand then you definately know i corresponding to you know telling the racial silly chronicle next to me within the locker so so i will hear it undoubtedly yeah to stare if i’d procure hot and toddle off and .

You respect appropriate you know of us putting crap in of us's meals containers and actually crap pretty real [__] to dwayne no i become as soon as i seen it happen and there and of us relish shh relish don't stutter relish come on the ribs on him no you crazy you build [__] in any individual's meals he did that to the rock sure ask him .

About it he'll stutter you and that i had to serve him from getting killed due to he become as soon as going to procure jumped it become as soon as relish three or four you comprehend it become as soon as cliquish lend a hand then you definately had the clicking on the bsk the you know the the total puerto rican crews relish all individuals become as soon as become as soon as geared up and you mess with one you mess with all there's nearly being in jail or .

Something it's relish being in jail rather bit you know relish um of us don't note that um you know the of us on the podcast now will procure to stare comprise of rather bit of the inside of wrestling due to you know relish we we attain that now relish we we don't pretty our fans we focus on .

The stuff and you know i'm no longer that guy that's going to be pointing out all individuals's names but i could stutter the chronicle and mean it’s probably you’ll maybe well presumably toddle ask the questions your self and work out who it become as soon as would austin and the rock personal transform what they had been whenever you guys didn't leave god i mean they had been they had been both so .

Proficient and so correct steve become as soon as gonna develop it you know steve become as soon as appropriate and steve steve become as soon as that guy that appropriate you know steve knew what become as soon as gonna procure over steve knew how you’re going to procure over steve could well additionally work steve could well additionally promo steve appropriate wanted he appropriate talked about .

He he he become as soon as that tyson he understood tyson i need the black boots i need the black trunks i need minimalists i need i need i need i need due to i gaze that's that's one thing that works and that i will develop that work and that i will develop it a redneck model of tyson and he did yeah .

Now you know dwayne i suspect that you know his charisma you either personal that or you don't there's appropriate there's no two ways about it they gave them you know rocky mayava with the pineapple and all that i mean that's that's up there with ozyeah i mean that's a comparatively you know i mean it's appropriate relish a racist .

Factor nearly relish oh you're an island guy we could well additionally very successfully be a coconut all pretty so but you know i suspect that he emulated a range of what steve did and appropriate didn't didn't develop it’s redneck but there would were room at the tip yeah for all you guys sure yeah adequate .

Two i mean but who’s conscious of you know due to i mean it wasn't relish raw wasn't going to circulation to two hours due to nitro wouldn't you know pretty i mean it's relish it's but at the identical time how lengthy sooner than the dungeon of doom .

The effect's the effect's rather fin on the fans and we procure we we delivery getting threes and as well they delivery doing one sevens and that never comes to fruition the factor that'll never would personal never came about is one relax wouldn't be doing a seven and the quite loads of narrate wouldn't were doing a five .

You respect monday evening football wouldn't be going will we now personal got to [__] circulation this factor i mean those are the issues and then on high of that we don't leave there's no longer assured money pretty i mean there's a range of issues you know is there an attitude here without attitude .

Effectively i mean i i'm a 100 believer in of us seizing alternatives you know and unfortunately uh when when folks bear alternatives veritably they step on of us's heads to attain it and it doesn't it's no longer supposed on motive to be that procedure but it occurs successfully i appropriate came about to be in that spot the effect rocks stepped .

On my head and went up no no meanness intended it's appropriate the procedure issues worked out um but i'm but i'm elated for him however the here’s that here’s what i suspect is that you know and vince did it pretty from the muse they ought to replace the .

Attitude they ought to replace the direction of professional wrestling for the reason that total superstars left they got here in they obtained me from the enemy in oldspar they brought me in they changed the ambiance into this standpoint error by bringing me in there refereeing bret hart and stone calls match all of a surprising all the pieces started to turn now .

You are going to need all this standpoint starting up to come lend a hand in and all of it started with bringing me in that's the effect all of it started at become as soon as to bring me in and replace that ambiance successfully as soon as that came about you know i went via varied matches and then the the rocky .

Yeah had been with farooq within the nation and it appropriate wasn't you comprehend it wasn't clicking and he appropriate he appropriate didn't personal that edge yet and so i remembered when i went into my contract i absorb the lions den i absorb that i absorb ken shamrock the arena's most abominable man and the rock due to i become as soon as acknowledged as ken .

The rock adequate adequate um coming into into when i become as soon as combating within the mma and so you seen when when um the rock undoubtedly separated from the nation they started making an try to give him more of the mic that they changed his title from rocky to the rock .

Effectively i absorb that title so i remembered after rock got here up i talked about hiya you changed your title it says i know i absorb that and he talked about oh i didn't know that i become as soon as relish yeah relish nobody is conscious of relish they had been a gargantuan fan of mine so that they knew i become as soon as a rock yeah no gargantuan deal i let him personal it no field but i suspect that become as soon as the supreme most .

Single factor for him become as soon as to lope him faraway from a gaggle give him the mic let his character shine due to when he obtained that mic and he started talking he become as soon as relish silk i mean he appropriate went off and then so that you can personal a match with a guy relish myself who become as soon as a sound badass you know and that we did those matches it .

Wasn't relish he become as soon as whipping my ass we had been whipping every varied's ass pretty and then he ended up going over i’d toddle over but then they came across he shoved knuckles in my crotch and all of a surprising i procure disqualified you know so there's all these swerves but i suspect that in point of truth pushed him over the tip due to he become as soon as so relaxed when he become as soon as with .

Farooq within the nation it appropriate didn't personal an edge that as soon as he worked with me it gave him that edge it gave him that badass edge due to he appropriate beat the arena's most abominable man yeah so i undoubtedly think that that aggregate gave him a likelihood to raise his quite loads of yeah and undoubtedly upward thrust to the tip and it’s probably you’ll't fault anybody .

For um taking and seizing their quite loads of even supposing it’s a long way going to additionally merely leave any individual in within the lend a hand of due to you easiest procure it one time and you better bear onto and develop it work you
That is the adore wrestler and grappler ever%sentence_ending

WWE Wrestlers and Corridor of Famers shoot on the Rock | Wrestling Shoot Interview | Dwayne Johnson

WWE Wrestlers and Hall of Famers shoot on the Rock | Wrestling Shoot Interview | Dwayne Johnson