WWE TLC: Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black Results

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WWE TLC: Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black Results

aleister black

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Buddy Murphy picked a fight with Aleister Black and the two men finally clashed at WWE TLC. During Murphy’s entrance, he mocked Black’s taunt of sitting cross-legged. Murphy dodged a Black Mass at the beginning of the match and matched Black’s every step. Black rocked Murphy with some stiff strikes. Murphy bounced Black’s head off the steel steps. The Best Kept Secret dominated the match and Black started bleeding profusely from his nose.

When you pick a fight with @WWEAleister, a fight is EXACTLY what you're going to get. @WWE_Murphy #WWETLC pic.twitter.com/hucARWNZn0

— WWE (@WWE) December 16, 2019

Murphy grabbed Black’s entrance vest, which angered him. Black fired off a series of strikes and punctuated it with a nasty boot to the face. A stiff knee to the head rocked Murphy again. A springboard moonsault earned Black a two count. Black continued to floor Murphy with his hard-hitting offense. Another moonsault gave Black even more momentum. A devastating knee dropped Murphy for a near fall. Murphy hit a series of superkicks and a powerbomb for a near fall. Both men continued to trade stiff strikes. A Black Mass out of nowhere won the match for Black.

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