WWE Teases ‘The Bump’ With Evan Mack Audition Tape

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WWE Teases ‘The Bump’ With Evan Mack Audition TapeWWE

WWE has confirmed that its trademark for “The Bump” was not in vain. Earlier this morning, new Twitter account @WWETheBump tweeted out an “audition tape” for newly hired WWE personality Evan Mack. The host goes through several strange tangents, seemingly revealing a low key discussion-based vibe for the eventual program.


— WWETheBump (@WWETheBump) September 25, 2019

Evan Mack has previously worked for Afterbuzz TV hosting wrestling podcasts and a WWE aftershow. During the video, there’s a brief flash stating “Next Wednesday 10 AM ET”, which could indicate a premiere date for the program, although nothing is certain.

Other reports have suggested that WWE is preparing a studio/talk show on FOX. Although those rumors indicated that Renee Young would be hosting that broadcast, plans could have changed and The Bump could fit in there. On the flip side, this could be a purely online broadcast considering the host’s prior experience. Either way, WWE looks to put their new network budget to good use in the coming weeks as the competition heats up.

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