WWE Taping Through Money In The Bank This Week In Orlando

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WWE Taping Through Money In The Bank This Week In Orlando

WWE Performance Center

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

With the current global pandemic keeping everyone on lockdown, wrestling companies looking to keep the lights on have to be strategic with their talent and their tapings. It was widely reported that WWE filmed weeks of programming at one time before WrestleMania 36, and it seems that they’ll go through the same process this week on the road to Money in the Bank.

PWInsider reports that WWE is taping episodes of Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, 205 Live, and NXT this week. Talent is sequestered in a single hotel for the week, with matched happening in waves to keep on-site staff at a minimum. PWInsider also reports that wrestlers are wearing masks whenever they’re off-camera and that social distancing is required when they’re not working out a match or performing.

Money in the Bank itself is notably not a part of this week’s tapings, so WWE has tome time to strategize once they got their footage in the can. While the show will obviously not take place in Baltimore as originally scheduled, it’s possible that another option for the show could crop up in the next month.

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