WWE Taping Schedule Confirmed, WrestleMania Won’t Be Live

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WWE Taping Schedule Confirmed, WrestleMania Won’t Be Live

wrestlemania 36

With WrestleMania 36 right around the corner, many are wondering just how WWE will be going about presenting their biggest night. According to a recent report from PWInsider, the company will be taping a large portion of the show this week, with other shows also being pre-taped in the process.

According to the report, WWE will begin taping today, with the company taping the next two episodes of Friday Night SmackDown (for March 27 and April 3), followed by taping NXT content on Sunday, March 22. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, WWE will tape its next two episodes (for March 23 and March 30) of Monday Night RAW, and then on Wednesday and Thursday, they will tape WrestleMania 36 nights one and two.

Should this report turn out to be true, this means that WrestleMania 36 will not be live, but instead be fully pre-taped prior to its start. This is obviously a change of pace for the company, but thanks to the many restrictions the world is taking to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, it might be for the best. PWInsider also notes that other locations will be used for WrestleMania, with filming taking place at various closet sets.

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