WWE tale Dr. Tom Prichard interview segment 3 | Wrestling with Rip Rogers

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WWE tale Dr. Tom Prichard joins Wrestling with Rip Rogers for segment 3 of this veteran college skilled wrestling interview!

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This is one orderly wrestling!! I'll repeat you what we're having so mighty fun right here live in the studios right now rip Rogers is even angry right now you've talked more right now on this interview rip and you've talked our final 15 interviews all together well I'm appropriate taking note of Dr Tom ensuing from he used to be cherish my boss in obw and what's funnier than [__] right here they had me [__] search if he's on right here .

All marvelous sorry to minimize you off yeah are you able to are going to be in a position to you hear us Dr Tom well now I’m in a position to ample all marvelous there we lope gotcha ample so Dr Tom used to be my boss so he'd attain down but their plight of job they never informed me no longer one thing to attain so as that that used to be let me let me let me appropriate end you there staunch posthaste and repeat .

You why um they they really I verbalize they uh ensuing from I was speculated to be over it and Jr never really informed me what they wanted so uh Jr and Cornett had a mountainous relationship clearly and Jimmy had laid it out what he desired to attain so as that used to be the motive um I believe God at in the intervening time when J.R .

Changed into as soon as used to be responsible he let every part dash the capability it used to be running ensuing from you're getting Skill accessible then then the modifications started going down and it used to be a swap felt by each person in the sense that behold right here is right here is my imaginative and prescient and uh you know right here is .

Vince's Vision well no Vince Vince left division to Jr and expertise household and and let him attain his deal after which you Jr moved to no topic he moved on to otherwise you purchased fired or no topic it used to be after which he got one other guy in there and now they find they want to divulge and want to present you directions I equate it to .

Washington DC running the war in Vietnam you don't include any thought what it's cherish on the bottom you don't know the panorama you're no longer there on a day-to-day foundation let these guys attain what they attain simplest let it let it happen and you'll search what occurs proof used to be in the pudding proof used to be in the effects and you guys became out mountainous results dude when I .

Went down I watched the class first time I was I must claim I was blown away on the factitious hand it's no longer that the least bit it wasn't that I was blown away it it used to be I I was over um it used to be oh in actual fact below promised over delivered is how I checked out it so ample .

We're doing a mountainous job down right here on the factitious hand it used to be it wasn't appropriate a mountainous job it used to be a spectacular job ensuing from I saw the vibe I heard I heard the the the the feedback so so it used to be one among those things that going to in the first constructing Davis Enviornment that extinct Warehouse you had to cherish this swap to must lope there even these guys cherish Shelton and .

Brock and and Batista Messina you know they went to this hell [__] it used to be it really used to be appropriate a broken out constructing in cool and iciness time sizzling in the summertime whenever you happen to didn't cherish this swap you weren't going to final and that save you thru it that's what I thought you had to battle by as well man don't give them the incandescent wonderful .

Glitzy sterile constructing marvelous off the bat search if they can live in the dirt and the grime and and cherish what they include got include a microscopic more be more grateful for being there and as Rip said earlier it's a privilege to be on this swap it's a privilege to attain what you you ought to pray to attain and what what what guys cherish rep really went by going up and down .

The roads having to eat uh well having to eat with no topic they would possibly maybe additionally eat staying in the mountainous form they did the sacrifices and whenever you happen to present them appropriate marvelous off the bat you give any individual a well-organized beautiful sterile new Enviornment new constructing no topic it’s and and the locker your individual locker along with your name on it and impulsively no no no man you .

Bring your fitness heart win you take a seat it down by the chair you salvage in the ring you launch working and that invoice I I built I thought for a pair causes constructing persona and constructing appreciation and whenever you salvage previous that then you salvage to head to the to the predominant leagues and that is is a philosophy I adhere to and .

I believe Jr did too and I do know that uh uh all those guys in ovw did too and that's why I thought it used to be one among the final notice developmental programs um they had that point ensuing from it used to be a cohesive unit and Danny rip and Jimmy all work well together you would possibly perhaps maybe maybe presumably search it when whenever you happen to had been there you understood they .

Took it severely but at the same time of us enjoyed it when they had been there they enjoyed the coaching they enjoyed I mean no longer regularly getting yelled at but I bawl too we all bawl whenever you happen to don't bawl I don't direct you you're passionate my my opinion whenever you happen to're no longer whenever you happen to're appropriate gonna lope oh no it's ample you lope marvelous forward and dash on .

Oh that used to be wonderful John I believe it used to be mountainous no no appropriate ensuing from you landed to your head doesn't mean you're a failure it's ample lope forward I'm no longer gonna exhibit you the marvelous strategy to attain it marvelous I'm no longer going to repeat you the marvelous strategy to attain it marvelous you appropriate lope forward no and that's no longer how it used to be no what the hell are you doing let me exhibit you you died .

And I hate when of us attain that but at the same time it makes sense ensuing from you lope clear up it out burner fans no one understands what that is in the intervening time and no one understands the marvelous strategy to salvage that connection the marvelous strategy to uh you know as soon as more I'm no longer each person's cup of tea rips no longer each person's cup of tea Jim Cornett surely in each person's cup .

Of tea but that's ample ensuing from we're ultimate serving we're no longer ultimate serving appropriate one flavor it's different and with out that distinction you salvage cookie cutter in my peep so that you just’ve got you’ve the fellows and rip used to be giving guys an opportunity to be uncommon and he would search the .

Uniqueness after which be in a position to location it and that's what an genuine coach does too um I don't must dash Are residing Events rip would cherish dash live match Are residing Events and likewise be in a position to learn about expertise in that atmosphere um and be in a position to grab things things that I I wouldn't search after which I I would snatch things that maybe any individual else .

Wouldn't search on the factitious hand it's all wrestling it's all ice cream it's appropriate different flavors and different ways of doing it and whenever you happen to salvage guys who lope up there doing it no we're doing it appropriate this implies well then where's your ingenious freedom where's your capability to make the leisure new or different anyway yeah I mean you .

Got right here the total vogue down to ovw a pair cases and skilled and and you gave us the ice cream analogy I was really to your class for a few cases and that's the first time I heard the ice cream analogy you said it support then 20 years ago so I believe that's that's undoubtedly superior after which on rip aspect we’ve got got dilapidated ovw of us on right here on a frequent foundation and it's .

Continuously Rip's thing used to be salvage the [__] out of the ring so he used to be eminent for that so we regularly ask of us when they attain on right here did did you ever salvage the salvage the [__] out of the ring from rip and that regularly brings up some staunch reports on it well well yeah yeah but but at the same time it used to be salvage out so that you just would possibly perhaps maybe maybe presumably concentrate .

Please concentrate ensuing from clearly you weren't paying attention before so salvage out learn about retain it and salvage support in you know so we're no longer kicking you out of the pool forever but at the same time I regularly verbalize this in our classes guys I make a choice you paying attention I don't care whenever you happen to talk at ringside whenever you happen to salvage in right here and you mess up then I care but pay .

Consideration ensuing from by the level we salvage done with the ninth person or the eighth person in school and we’ve got got 10 of us those final two guys better attain it pretty damn completely ensuing from we've already been by it we critique each person else whenever you happen to had been paying attention then you respect you'll step this implies with .

Your left foot and you're bringing your marvelous arm spherical this implies and striking your left arm over right here and whenever you happen to're no longer it's telling me you're no longer paying attention so yeah so being Rip's boss I mean you gotta you gotta include some roughly some roughly myth some roughly dirt completely a criticism one thing you purchased a great deal of complaints no .

No no no yeah no no uh as soon as more I I attain attain from the veteran college but rips even forward of me on that rip rip used to be working with Randy Savage and his dad and his household you know when uh when Savage used to be one soundless one among the final notice performers simplest workers in the swap and couldn't salvage booked of persona non grata why so he comes .

From that seeing how those guys struggled seeing how those guys made a swap work uh taking note of to the wisdom and the reports of all those guys so my affection for for rip and my affection for veteran college guys in Rip's class and in rips a mindset um I I regularly believed .

Uh with none of the the rain and the Mumble and the lightning you know you you gotta include a stand some rain whenever you happen to ought to include a rainbow I wrote a tune but but on the factitious hand it's staunch whenever you happen to've never long gone by arduous cases then you don't know what it's take to battle and no longer ultimate in wrestling but in existence their struggles and it's going to both take .

You thru or whenever you happen to’ll be in a position to't stand the battle right here with a guy cherish rip to your support uh then what's gonna prepare you for the exterior world that's even chillier and more harsh um that's the capability I checked out it I do know behold my first year in the swap I'll never neglect it it used to be in Fresno .

California Johnny I had a imprint match in opposition to Johnny mantel and Ron Starr Ron save me in a headlock zigzag my left ear down and squeezed as arduous as he would possibly maybe and wrenched it and wrenched it got to the support my ear used to be blown up they are saying oh you purchased to take a razor blade in the bathe and Lance it went in the bathe they took a razor .

Blade they lasted I'm 20 years veteran I'm cherish three months in the swap but these are the veteran timers these are the fellows who’re going to manual me subsequent evening he does the same thing ultimate in a head scissor he and Johnny mantel as soon as more they're working over the year it's blowing up as soon as more ample well they gotta .

Lance it as soon as more third evening they attain it as soon as more I don't allow them to Lance it as soon as more I lope to the physician the next day to come I got a cauliflower right here my first year in the swap no one will get caulifloweries in the intervening time no one got cauliflower ears when I broke in but they did this deliberately to search if I was gonna .

Order whinge yeah they're gonna verbalize oh my year no no no to me you would possibly perhaps maybe maybe presumably attain no topic you wanted John informed us would beat the holy hell out of me he would work with me he used to be a really wonderful man he used to be mountainous but when he hit me he hit me I bear in mind as arduous as he would possibly maybe appropriate to search if I was going to train and whinge .

And Victor Rivera one other thing no one wore knee pads support then he took me down save me in the uh it used to be tied up my legs and says now now sprint sprint sprint stayed with me gave me Matt burns on my knees now of us would verbalize well I didn't salvage him punch him in the nose no no I'm gonna exhibit him I'll I'll .

Practice You Direction you're the veterinary the guy main me right here I salvage it I salvage it some guys Alma drill used to be spoiled you ever know Al RIP appropriate uh he used to be in Portland after I was and I appropriate heard the reports marvelous well I I didn't know all that well clearly they save us together as a workers he used to be he used to be 30 years veteran out of 20. .

And what a bitter guy appropriate a bitter bitter guy and and no longer and I thought ample well ample one thing I got to take care of too but then I later realized why he used to be he used to be bitterwood long gone by in existence and things cherish that but that doesn't topic he used to be treating me cherish a turd and I thought ample but but I .

Took all these experiences and now I apply them to when I'm instructing or when any individual's increasing and I don't regularly attain a mountainous job at it I fall brief on a frequent foundation man I'm looking out for to present encouragement to a great deal of these guys and it appropriate my mind takes me someplace else ensuing from I salvage pissed off when I'm looking out for to repeat I make a choice you to .

Be triumphant but you've got to cherish you are going to be in a position to't serve doing what you're doing and predict one thing different you you attain the same veteran thing on a frequent foundation you're gonna salvage the same veteran thing on a frequent foundation so um but my experiences in La I had mountainous some mountainous experiences but at the same time you know there had been guys who took .

Profit of me there had been in actual fact I salvage it now I got it then but I was rush to search out out ensuing from I wasn't a huge guy and it used to be a huge man's swap and if I whined out you're too little for this we appropriate proved you're marvelous appropriate appropriate proved each person marvelous hiya you're too little you are going to be in a position to't take a toddler uh what are you bitching about oh so Matt Burns I .

Had Matt Burns each and day by day child hiya you purchased a cauliflower right here behold at my ears child yeah ample I salvage it you ought to pray to illustrate it demonstrate it but I needed this bigger than the leisure on the planet man it wasn't about the cash it used to be about going out residing the day by day life it used to be about going out doing this I was intrigued I was um .

Engulfed it it overtook me each and every Harmful moment used to be about wrestling every part and uh I didn't I didn't care about going to Madison Square Backyard when I got to the level where I was cherish dude appropriate let me battle it cherish you said in a car car car parking space um a a college wherever it used to be I don't I .

Don't care appropriate let me attain my thing and uh but after all time swap and things happen so so clearly you made it and you had a mountainous occupation you've had a mountainous occupation you wrestled skilled WWF all every part you would possibly perhaps maybe maybe presumably presumably really presumably judge so now behold support on it I mean cherish is it .

Is it all sunk in yet I mean how attain you behold support at your at your occupation and your your existence I guess ensuing from you're cherish oh I really include some regrets we all include regrets I believe we all include some stuff we want we wouldn't include done I surely attain but but total Matt rip said it simplest I'm residing my dream um I soundless live my dream I met .

Ok I was married as soon as before and that's segment of the massive motive but but I met my spouse now uh in in Continental in uh uh she used to be from mobile but I met her in Pensacola and you know after all I didn't marry her then clearly but but later on in the Years you know I had met her .

And uh never really had the leisure to attain along with her but we had met she used to be the dirty white lady's sister a topic of truth and so later on unintentionally I made I was really calling Tony and he she answered the mobile phone she had been married had a microscopic lady and uh .

She answered I I didn't know who it used to be but I was calling for Tony and he or she says oh right here is Sandy says Tom we got a dialog and we appropriate started doing the weekend uh getaways and stumbled on that in actual fact I beloved her you know I really would possibly presumably include a dialog along with her and and that wasn't that used to be roughly new to me .

Because of each person else in wrestling particularly you comprehend it used to be cherish uh one evening ample search you subsequent uh I don't know 30 years from now no topic it’s but this my spouse now it used to be one among those things where um if I wouldn't long gone to Continental wrestling whenever you happen to wouldn't had been for wrestling I wouldn't include .

Met her and so there's a great deal of things I behold support with it used to be so chilly very very chilly at the same time I wish I would include done a great deal of things differently too but you are going to be in a position to't so that you just gotta accept it and be entirely chuffed so what about Dr Tom being your boss rip you purchased you purchased any yeah well he never informed me to attain the leisure or practice any individual .

A determined capability or the leisure and I'd repeat them guys each and day by day I said behold you [__] got a list of what I'm telling you and clear out the factitious [__] I'm Sergeant Carter and I'm getting ready all you Gomer piles to head to the Vietnam Battle and I'm looking out for to serve you from getting your ass [__] shot and whenever you happen to’ll be in a position to't if I'm too mighty for you .

Ought to you lope to goddamn Vietnam you ain't got an opportunity marvelous that's a hundred percent marvelous and I informed them I'm going to push each and every button to salvage you angry unhappy where you'll be I'll exhibit you [__] certain I will salvage staunch I will I will shed weight I will attain this I will Grasp this [__] I said oh you're [__] all [__] and [__] discuss .

Then they salvage staunch angry marvelous yeah yeah I I attain that to at the present time soundless I attain and I explained it does us no staunch as coaches to learn about you fail we need you to succeed but veritably you know appropriate doing the veteran well it's ample Johnny perchance whenever you happen to take a seat down right here for approximately an hour and salvage your breath after which perchance we'll include some .

Ho-hos together and we'll discuss this no salvage off your ass lope to the fitness heart concentrate learn your craft also include appreciate for yourself and the swap pay concentrate appropriate so that you just don't embarrass yourself for me and the final notice thing on the planet I I informed any individual no longer too capability support about you know you you ought to include my opinion right here's my .

Conception after which they got really upset and desired to sob and I said dude attain it to your individual then whenever you happen to've got to be staunch to yourself you lope marvelous forward but I'm going to repeat you it does mean no staunch it does our college no staunch uh to learn about of us lope out after coaching with us and do nothing whenever you happen to don't succeed it's a reflection on me so I I took that .

Personally and and veritably I believe we take it too in my opinion when we behold at any individual when we behold at any individual with promise or doable and they're losing it ensuing from you appropriate must play haha on a frequent foundation or they don't really must apply themselves I salvage a microscopic bit upset I attain I it's in my heart it's it's it's it's .

In my it's in my intestine uh so I’m in a position to ultimate educate the final notice I’m in a position to um I'm no longer the final notice trainer on the planet I'll lope so far as verbalize that rip Rogers is the final notice trainer on the planet I learn about him practice I learn about his explanations and I'm telling you man dude it’s rough spherical the sides at the .

Same time he does that head butt he grabs the chin and goes enhance I thought that's extraordinary or he does a straightforward series and it winds up and it makes sense the the steps salvage sense and whenever you happen to snoop on them whenever you happen to apply the steps you you'll catch success at the stop of it but but you are going to be in a position to't lope I'll apply step .

One two and three but four 5 and six I'll attain it on my very own oh ample but don't attain support why didn't whenever you happen to didn't apply the entire uh job that's where I regularly tousled I knew I had to head a b c d oh now it's getting a microscopic a microscopic sticky now let's salvage a microscopic arduous yeah I don't know that I really must lope that far I mean I do know .

I must but I don't know that I really must must push myself that far oh oh ample it's up to you but I've seen of us that've done the 5 six or four 5 six in the leisure of it and I've seen of us salvage it so I comprehend it works I mean we we've we've got proof in the pudding too I attain know if we repeat you this and you attain that .

You’ve got a much less probability of making it as an substitute of going this implies we promise no longer doing it to effort you we're doing it to let you that will no longer appear cherish that at the time same thing when your of us are asserting I'm doing this to your individual staunch it's going to effort me more that's going to effort you now marvelous well it hurts me pretty mighty well no no I mean .

That's the object each person that comes on the exhibit The rip practice they incessantly having a behold support they comprehend it now capability better than they understood it then where he used to be coming from and all that roughly stuff but so far as you being a trainer I gotta I gotta throw this in right here before we salvage off right here I'll will let you plod some of your most trendy stuff before .

We can let you lope you spent so mighty time with us it's been so mountainous to take a seat down down with you but my veteran imprint workers accomplice uh apoc so that you just presumably had him I believe is uh Victor or Rick Victor in yeah CW or I do know he thinks the sector of you thinks you're a mountainous trainer I soundless I was speculated to be in his marriage ceremony when the typhoon hit .

Um so we've talked about you a pair cases I do know that um you know he realized loads from you and really liked every part you presumably did for him when he used to be down in Florida with you well you know we had a uh a match we had a 60 Minute Broadway did you repeat you that I don't direct so oh my god well we uh we did uh drills in FCW you know we had uh three .

Rings in the support one in the predominant Enviornment and uh Rick used to be working with I don't know who but he came out and said salvage out of my capability veteran man so I had a clipboard in my hand I hit him in the hit him over the support with it broke the clipboard ample so I said yeah so so I said all marvelous you and me 60 .

Minute Broadway I'm gonna I'm gonna exhibit you the marvelous strategy to abolish this oh yeah yeah well well then as soon as I made it I went oh [__] well the guy this used to be when invent them up used to be already coming in and and the fellows made a a flyer s s Rick if he soundless has I believe he does soundless has a flyer and uh so I now committed to 60 minutes and I went accessible we did a 60 .

Minute Broadway um you know and and he used to be superior on the factitious hand it appropriate appropriate yeah appropriate to to head accessible and uh no longer colorful I didn't discuss over with him before the match both and I don't know if he thought I was sizzling or no longer but I was working him too but I did a moon salt at .

The stop of it where he moved I didn't fall asleep a GTS in there too appropriate appropriate at the stop of the match to debris spherical appropriate to appropriate to salvage your [__] up appropriate to salvage my [__] in unbiased to exhibit them I've never done a moon salt moon salt wasn't my thing is my level I appropriate went up to exhibit them verbalize ample whenever you happen to're gonna attain it attain it right here at the stop of the match I did it .

With a minute we had one minute left plight him up he moved did the GTS with cherish 15 dash kick out no topic so we built it that means and I showed each person so um and and I bear in mind rip would attain things cherish that too so yeah there used to be there used to be there had been some really staunch cases really mountainous cases and uh superior cases too so that you just talked about you .

Had a podcast now repeat us what you're doing right now repeat us about the podcast where can of us catch you well we're doing it each and every Wednesday evening now it's called taking you to college with Dr Tom stress John end and I attain it and uh it's fundamentally after I salvage support Wednesdays is our promo class at jpwa I salvage support about 9 we launch a microscopic after 9 .

On YouTube you would possibly perhaps maybe maybe presumably catch it it's live I believe it's archive two where I discuss ovw uh appropriate this previous week and um we also include jpwa the Jacobs Pritchard Wrestling Academy right here in Knoxville Tennessee Glenn Jacobs Knox County mayor about four years ago came for all you of us accessible hiya thanks um we we had been having we had been having .

Lunch uh during the campaign and in the intervening time my spouse had labored at the uh his insurance protection company too so we had been talking he said um you know why don't you and I begin a college we're both in Knoxville he'd be mountainous I thought well ample I'd begin a college before and it's no longer that mountainous .

It's no longer that constant and you're facing lemuels and you're facing all these guys who uh you know hiya what's your licensed roughly wrestlers you know hardcore barbed wire internet page wrestling no no no no no solid vogue Tough Fashion staunch gosh ample I'm gonna realize the ardour but at the same time as soon as .

They salvage there it's roughly a shock ensuing from we're really doing reversals first then we attain the rolls and first time they take a support bump and slap the mat and they lope oh God I lope yeah anyway um so we're doing right here is our fourth year we're uh we'll be ending our fourth year and pretty loads of of us didn't give us six months but we've been going along in .

Knoxville we’ve got got we've had of us attain from India England appropriate had a toddler from France uh Canada Switzerland Michelle inexperienced the Swiss sensation no topic she calls her herself all attain over to practice with us which is superior and um so so it's a it's a staunch chilly setup if somebody needs to know about our .

College you are going to be in a position to head to JP wrestlingacademy.com take a look at it out uh I even include a e book um which I'd want to search out out that e book in right here man I really include your e book mosey as well all marvelous but the e book there we lope .

Factual right here it’s called and I made this intentional let me repeat you the intention this took plight staunch posthaste I do know we're gonna include a great deal of time but um the WWE wanted a one-year curriculum from launch to attain three hundred and sixty five days I tried explaining that's no longer how it works marvelous I I did that dude it used to be it used to be a battle forever then in the end they said .

We need this done it took three weeks and I save it together it’s called a entire one-year coaching curriculum and manual for learners and seasoned Pros a talented wrestling curriculum advice solutions and reports to serve the aspiring Legitimate salvage to the next stage you are going to be in a position to also salvage this on our internet internet page at jpwrestling academy.com so a great deal of chilly .

Tales in there a great deal of some some coaching solutions some drills um and one thing I believe you are going to be in a position to spend and I as soon as more I've read all of Rip's stuff too the tweets and the and the quotes and things cherish that there's soundless acceptable right now they soundless I I surely bear in mind the basics and .

Fundamentals never lope out of vogue you ask any athlete particularly at a excessive stage Larry Chicken I've got quotes from him on the on on our wall about he wasn't a mountainous highschool player but he realized the basics and fundamentals and the critical capabilities when he got to college that he save in the work and you're no longer going to do success in .

The leisure you attain except you attain save in the work be a student of the sport um Exhaust effect to All people Exhaust it in filter it out and as Rip said you know you you I verbalize try a bunch of stuff and serve what works there's no it's it ain't rocket surgical treatment and and by the capability 5 out of four .

Of us include a train with math so uh right here is right here is one thing you’ve to in actual fact feel you’ve to rejoice with it you purchased to revel in it on the factitious hand it’s arduous work whenever you happen to don't work arduous then nothing really goes to attain of it you've got to head to the fitness heart you gotta behold the segment you purchased to in actual fact feel this you purchased to judge it on a frequent foundation promos promos promos but .

Furthermore getting in the ring and studying the marvelous strategy to work I repeat of us this on a frequent foundation what we attain in the ring is that mighty of the swap it's the exterior the ring that surely counts and studying from the reports on the aspect toll road studying from the reports in apply um .

Listening and staring at other of us getting solutions Stone Cool Steve Austin came stump became stone cool ensuing from he used to be staring at a documentary a few serial killer and his spouse said drink your tea before it turns Stone Cool wow two and two let's search does it salvage seven I'm no longer certain but the level is it it computed with him it made it it .

Resonated and that's what you’ve to attain you purchased to search out one thing that's profitable that you just repeat to and would possibly maybe additionally discuss to other of us uh so anyway that that's that's what I got we're doing we're instructing 5 days a week I'm instructing 5 days a week and while I attain salvage pissed off veritably ensuing from I believe it's it’s going to be loads .

Simpler and I believe I salvage it determined when I really don't veritably but then I really want to end I really want to cherish ample I appropriate want to make certain each person will get it hiya perchance subsequent time you search Kane you are going to be in a position to uh give give it give us a microscopic plod perchance Kane would be half of our exhibit well I I would take to yeah I I don't search him too mighty anymore ensuing from he's doing the .

Mayor thing he has change into one among the busiest guys you know he’ll attain and designate the diplomas and he’ll attain to the graduation when he can but man uh Knox County and but politics in frequent used to be appropriate extraordinary marvelous now so he does he does include a fairly chubby agenda all marvelous I'll search him Saturday I'll search him Saturday at Bobby Fulton's superior .

Yeah mountainous well then hiya will they mention it to him ensuing from ample he presumably would by all capability hiya when he used to be I believe he comes from St Louis or no topic that means he's from Missouri no longer St Louis but in Missouri ample so he went to WCW TV with me one time so I got four guys in the auto so as a rib I save him in the goddamn .

Abet seat marvelous marvelous and colorful his goddamn knees are up to his [__] nose and [__] and he never said a [__] notice marvelous I'm staring at for him to advise one thing lope hiya [__] God damn I’m in a position to't [__] dash support right here what the [__] yeah and he never said a notice he used to be appropriate marvelous there I said I’m in a position to't give it some thought said .

Ok yeah yeah well I mean but but that that's helped him in the course of too ensuing from he's grateful for I believe every part he's got too all marvelous all marvelous Dr Tom it's superior man thanks for therefore mighty time right now you had been on right here forever we loved it it used to be superior we really cherish your time very chilly it appropriate strikes a chord in my memory why I cherish .

The remainder of the swap what it does ensuing from I whenever you happen to talk over with guys excuse me your age or no topic my age you appropriate salvage all these memories support yeah it ain't the same rip in it marvelous I don't know if it’s going to ever lope support there ensuing from it used to be appropriate this kind of determined world different time but I I salvage the same time on every occasion I repeat the parable .

About Tracy on every occasion I judge the Olympic Auditorium or Portland Oregon there are those memories and it's a disgrace that the generation right now doesn't include that or or the same at least uh opportunity to include those roughly memories they include got memories but when they're in the locker room uh it looks cherish they're on their mobile phone texting and .

Somewhat more distracted versus having the flexibility to repeat reports with each person in the locker room reports on the capability residence one thing that occurs one thing you heard one thing you watched and and roughly fragment it ensuing from that roughly that generates the joys and it makes the connection the total capability spherical I I really feel sorry for .

The guys that are in right here right now they can't behold it's not possible to be any staunch you don't apply you don't include well they include got one match a week yeah how are you able to be any staunch you are going to be in a position to't it's not possible he's working seven days a week yeah that model doesn't exist anymore that's the problem but so as that's existence man it's all staunch and I thanks .

Guys for having me on right here ensuing from it really does me staunch too man it brings up a great deal of memories as well so Clint thanks very mighty and rip regularly thanks very mighty appropriate as frequent I hate each person so as that's ample after all you're regularly an genuine hater yourself I was yeah I'm doing I'm doing better yeah gigantic gold and a billfold so .

Swole that I’m in a position to't salvage this [__] closed so I cash fold and rubber band rap and when it pop [__] sound cherish a hand clap
I cherish wrestling, ensuing from they are the beautiful!

WWE tale Dr. Tom Prichard interview segment 3 | Wrestling with Rip Rogers

WWE legend Dr. Tom Prichard interview part 3 | Wrestling with Rip Rogers