WWE SmackDown Superstar Making The Jump To RAW

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WWE SmackDown Superstar Making The Jump To RAW

mustafa ali

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sources speaking to PWInsider have confirmed that Mustafa Ali, who is currently on the sidelines and off TV, will debut on the RAW brand when he eventually makes his return. Ali has never appeared on the red brand before now. He premiered during the Cruiserweight Classic and transitioned to 205 Live before jumping up to SmackDown and entering into prominent programs with then-champion Daniel Bryan.

In his absence from TV, Ali’s distinctive circle of light symbol has appeared as part of a “hacker” character who was involved in the Mandy and Otis love story. Said hacker has not appeared on TV since revealing Sonya Deville’s betrayal of Mandy, so it’s possible that the angle was dropped if this character was indeed slated to be revealed as Ali. His last appearance on TV as Ali was in February of 2020.

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