WWE SmackDown News– Bray Wyatt Returns To Firefly Fun House

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Bray Wyatt made his much-awaited go back to the Firefly Fun House today on WWE SmackDown.

Friday’s program saw Wyatt appear in the Firefly Fun House where he reunited with Abby the Witch, Mercy the Buzzard, Ramblin’ Rabbit, and Huskus.

The sector aired on the titantron instantly after LA Knight’s success over Ren Jones. Ramblin’ Rabbit shared his worries of the dark ahead of Wyatt’s Pitch Black match with Knight at Royal Rumble. The previous Universal Champion at first consoled the rodent prior to stating that he ought to be frightened of the dark. Uncle Howdy then took control of, keeping in mind that all Wyatt required was simply a little push.

You can take a look at some highlights from the sector listed below:

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